Monday, 28 April 2008

Down 'lotment

I spent all day Saturday down the allotment with Mrs Nobbs and Nobbs Jr. Well, when I say all day, obviously I mean apart from the hour we went home for lunch and the fact that we had to be back by 6.20 so I could catch Doctor Who (which, indecently, I missed. Again. I’ve yet to see an episode of the new series at the broadcast time. Thank God for On Demand.)

I started off weeding around my raspberries and blackberries, but ended up digging the trenches for Mrs Nobbs to plant potatoes in as “This is man’s work.” Nobbs Jr. did his best to help using his shovel that’s as tall as he is. I must say, he was fascinated by the worms we dug up – although he didn’t try to eat any. Guess I should be grateful for small mercies.

All in all, it was very nice day. The sun was out and there was just enough breeze to make it pleasant to be outside but cool enough to work. I’d post some pics, but where the potatoes are is still just bear earth for now. When the shoots come through, I’ll get posting.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not looking forward to spending the summer months in the office. In the past few months, we’ve had two rather attractive nineteen year old girls join the team. One of them (I shouldn’t really say this, but the more attractive of the two) works in the room next to mine. Indeed, every time I look up from my desk, she’s there in my eye line. It’s worse if she’s just coming in to the room, because then her rather pert breasts are directly in my eye line. Plus, the attractive nineteen year old we already had in the office has come up to work in the same room as me as my new assistant, short skirts, great legs, perky boobs and all.

Now, I’m convinced that between the two of them, I’ll be due for a heart attack just around about mid-June. I may be the world’s youngest dirty old man, but I never thought I’d have to cope with teenage flesh on display in summertime again after I gave up teaching nearly seven years ago. They’ll be the death of me. I’m getting too old to cope with it.

Don’t’ forget that the Charlotte’s Secret contest is still open. Get your entry in before Wednesday if you want the chance to win a copy of my new e-book. Send details of your deepest, darkest secret to

Or, you could just go and buy the book.



Friday, 25 April 2008

Another Week gone

Another week goes by and I’ve not been nearly as active in cyberspace as I’d have hoped. At work I’ve been busy budgeting and doing cash flow forecasts for the coming year. Oh, and payroll, very important, mustn’t forget payroll. I’d get lynched.

At home I’ve been getting in at six-thirty, eating dinner then struggling to put Nobbs Jr to bed. He simply refuses. Flat out refuses. It’s very annoying. I’d just gotten used to him going to bed around eight-eight thirty, giving me and Mrs Nobbs some adult time alone or me some time to be Mr Nobbs and do some writing, and instead he’s still running around when me and Mrs Nobbs are dead on our feet and trying to keep ourselves from nodding off.

Anyway. The Charlotte’s Secret contest is still open. I’m closing it to entries on April 30th. Just send an e-mail to containing details of the worst secret you’ve ever kept and you could be the winner of a copy of my new Phaze release, Charlotte’s Secret.

Right, well, must go and reconcile the company bank accounts now. Oh, what an exciting life I lead.

Monday, 21 April 2008

The Big day

It’s finally here. The big day. The one I’ve been waiting for all my life (well, not quite all my life – just a couple of months)

Charlotte’s Secret has been released by Phaze Books. Available from their website for $3, Charlotte’s Secret is a story of love, lies and betrayal. And you can win a copy in my Charlotte’s Secret competition. Just e-mail me at and tell me your deepest darkest secret. What is the worst secret you’ve ever had to keep. Or the best. Anything goes, current secrets or old ones, funny or tragic. My glamorous assistant and I will pick the five best and the winners will get a copy of the Charlotte’s Secret e-book, as well as a package of my short stories. And don’t worry if you’ve already purchased the book, I’ll send you a Phaze gift voucher to the value of the cover price instead.

Read what Fallen Angel Reviews thought of Charlotte’s Secret here.

Don’t have any secrets or can’t wait to see if you’re a lucky winner? Purchase the book here.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the latest Ladz Local Lovelies story makes its debut at Ruthie’s Club. This time the star is self-confessed “walking cliché” Carla from Birmingham, who has a little of after hours fun in her office with two very lucky cleaners. Read the story here. (Ruthie’s Club is a members only site – you will require a subscription to read this story)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Charlotte’s Secret Giveaway

My first release from Phaze, “Charlotte’s Secret” is available from Monday 21st April (that’s just 6 days away!), and to celebrate I’ve got five copies to give away. Here’s what you have to do :

Charlotte’s Secret” is all about, you guessed it, a bunch of people keeping secrets, and it’s Charlotte who’s keeping the biggest secret of all. But what’s the biggest secret you have ever kept. E-mail your sordid secrets by this Friday and me and my charming assistant will pick the ‘best’ five, who’ll receive a copy of the e-book for free.

It really is that simple. Just tell me (and the rest of the world) what the biggest secret you’ve ever kept is. Good or bad, mundane or sexy, funny or tragic. If it was a secret, it qualifies.

Of course, if you want me to, I’ll keep your secret, but it would be fun if the winners let me reveal all here on Monday.

E-mail entries only please to and mark the subject “Charlotte’s Secret Comp”

"Charlotte's Secret" will be available from from 21st April 2008

I'm Back!

I’m back! Did you miss me?
I went to France last week so that Mrs Nobbs could see her parents and Nobby Jr could see his Mami and Papi. Not an unpleasant experience—the weather was fine, the food good and the wine better. The only down point was that Papi only had alcohol free larger in the house. Yuk.
While I was away I managed to read Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons”. The guy is a cracking storyteller, but I don’t particularly like his writing style. I found myself doing a ‘Fishtank’ style crit as I was reading it—which is really off-putting.
I also managed to do quite a lot of writing. I worked on “Chloe’s Education”, which is now over 63000 words and I’m at another of the stories crucial points. In truth, every scene from here on in should be vital. The story should race along to the end, sweeping up the reader along with it. At least, that’s what I hope will happen. You never know, I might finish a first draft by the summer.

Yep, “Charlotte’s Secret” will be released by Phaze in just 6 days—Monday 21st April. The release date is now so close, that the story is at the very top of the “Coming Soon” page. And I’ll have a few copies to give away to readers of this blog—more details in a separate post later.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Charlotte’s Secret gets a 4 Angel review

I’ve had the first review through for “Charlotte’s Secret” (available from Phaze on April 21), and the book has received 4 angels from Fallen angel reviews.

The reviewer, Dawnie, had this to say…

I enjoyed the twist and turns of Charlotte’s Secret. I found the characters to be very believable and could feel the emotion coming right off the pages of the book.”

And this…

the unique twists had me guessing until the end”

And this…

“Marc Nobbs has done a great job bringing this sexy story to life.”

So yay me! Read the full review here.


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