Monday, 30 March 2009

The Worst Week of the Year?

Sometimes, I really do wonder why I do it to myself. This week sees the last day of March, which is the financial year end for my firm. And the end of the week is April 5th, which is the end of the tax year here in the UK.

Add those two things together and it adds up to a pretty busy week for me all in all. I imagine (or should I say, hope) that all my fee earners will be billing like crazy to get the figures for the year up somewhere near respectable. I’ve got a whole bunch of year end procedures to complete, reports galore to compile and tons of year end filing to be done. Then there’s the payroll software to up date in preparation for completing the year end submission to the revenue and reporting that to the staff in time for April payroll.

And to top it all off, I’m holiday next week – so that squeezes the time I’ve got to do all this in.

So I expect to fall into bed this week very early and very, very knackered. Either that or it’ll fire up my creative energy again and I’ll be staying up late writing. Personally, I don’t know which I’d prefer right now.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Change will do you Good

I’ve made a slight change to this blog. It has become evident that, with my increased twitter activity, the archival Daily Tweet posts were starting to clutter things up. Therefore I have created an new blogspot specifically for the purpose of archiving the Daily Tweets.

Frankly, I know that the tweets annoyed some people, but I also know that some people enjoyed them just as much. Either way, you’ll no longer be able to find them on this main blog – I’ll be reserving that for comment, news and chat.

You will be able to find the Daily Tweet archive at Marc Nobbs – Twitchive as of today. I’ll be moving all the previous Daily Tweet posts across to there as and when I can.

Remember, you can also ‘follow’ me Tweets in real time using by following me on the twitter site.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:46 Almost an hour fo the day gone and I feel as if I've done nothing yet. I really must crack on.
  • 09:47 Of course, it doesn't help that I can't breathe out of my right nostril.
  • 09:56 I've such a horrible first hour to the day that my bloody tea has gone cold. Must go an make a new cuppa.
  • 10:43 On the Blog : "Duke", "Lizzie" and the Moonwalking Corgis
  • 10:56 Everybody in the office seems to be in a really good mood this morning. I'm just a little bit scared about that.
  • 10:57 @Catwoman123 I should be okay thn since my last cup went cold. lol
  • 10:58 @dopeydee You need to get a really good one. A supersokaer 2000 or something. lol
  • 11:17 Don't you just love dunking choccie biccies in a cup of hot tea?
  • 11:52 @thedall Hot tea only give you cancer if it's over 70C - which burn my mouth anyway. So I'm okay. I think. I hope.
  • 12:33 watching a lunchtime replay of the Aussie GP practice on BBC iPlayer. yay!
  • 12:45 I tell you what, the rear wings on these new #f1 cars look so strange. Too tall and too narrow
  • 13:00 Had a sausage and egg sarnie for lunch with a proper runny yoke that went all over my fingers. Lovely.
  • 13:27 I'm doing "write offs" of recorded time. Feels like I'm throwing money away. very Depressing.
  • 13:27 @hedgemag Damn, now I'm hungry for cake. I'll have to settle for a Cadbury Cream Egg.
  • 13:30 My Twitteristics: Tweets 5X as much as the Twitter founders(12/day), Engaging(35%), Good Connector(18%)!
  • 13:34 Loving The Saturdays. The blonde one? I definitely would (but I don't she'd let me) ♫
  • 13:48 I think it's just about impossible to hear Robbie Williams' "Angels" and not sing along. Flippin' great song.
  • 13:48 And you want to wave your hands in the air like a moron during the guitar solo too.
  • 14:48 I'm having one of those "I don't seem to be getting anywhere" days. I hate days like this.
  • 15:55 @Catwoman123 I took your advice and have one in front of me now.
  • 16:00 @SmoggySuicide You do know I'm going to have to google hydroxymethylfurfural now don't you.
  • 16:00 i was going to explain what procrastinate means to my assistant but couldn't be bothered. I'll do it another day.
  • 16:14 @SmoggySuicide Very. I looked it up and thought "What the connection with his wife?"
  • 16:30 @SmoggySuicide It might roll off your tongue but I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce it.
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“Duke”, “Lizzie” and the Moonwalking Corgis

“Eh? What on earth could that be all about, then?” I hear you ask. Or maybe I don’t. Maybe it’s just the voices in my head brought on by the drugs I’m having to take to clear this damn blocked nose of mine – not that they are working. I’m having real difficulty with that whole breathe in/breath out thing.

Anyways, last night while I was not working on my WIPs (it was open on my screen but I was too busy pissing about on titter) I was pissing about on twitter instead and somehow got into a conversation which started off about one thing and quickly became something else.

We started off wondering what Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Windsor call each other when they are at home and decided it would be “Duke” and “Lizzie”. Then we decided that “Lizzie” wouldn’t make the tea as she’s the Queen and “Duke” wouldn’t make it because he’s an old misogynist. So naturally, they’d ask “Charlie” but he’d say it was “Eddie’s” turn.

From there, we decided that the tea making duties at “Buck House” would probably fall to Harry as he’s the youngest, but they’d let him off as he’s brought his machine gun home from work and is using it to take pot shots at the corgis.

The corgis, meanwhile, are dancing to avoid the bullets, and in doing so have learned to “moonwalk” like Marty McFly did in Back to the Future III when “Mad Dog Tanner” shot at him in the bar.

So there you go, “Duke”, “Lizzie” and Moonwalking Corgis. You know, I think there is a late-night Channel 4 sitcom in there somewhere.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:09 I have loads to do today but am having trouble getting going - must be in need of caffeine.
  • 09:28 During the show last night, 1.5% of all twitter traffic was #apprentice related. Madness
  • 09:48 @dopeydee Good luck at the hospital.
  • 09:49 @angelneptustar It was as entertaining as usual. Candidates completely clueless
  • 09:53 @angelneptustar 1.5% felt like a lot last night watching the show and twitter together. It was manic. I couldn't keep up.
  • 11:10 It's so damn cold today. What happened to Spring?
  • 11:30 500 words so far this morning in between all my other jobs. Not too bad I suppose.
  • 11:38 It's annoying when you try to reference character form one story in another and have to go look them up to make sure you've been accurate.
  • 11:38 All I want to do is to make my fictional world seem a bit more real.
  • 14:11 The trouble with Twitter is that you step away from it for a sec, all hell breaks loose and you lose track of any conversations
  • 14:56 @TrinaMLee Some people think they own the road and can be real idiots about it when told they don't. Hope you and the kid are okay.
  • 14:56 @SaliWho My kind of breakfast. Cool.
  • 15:02 @TrinaMLee With any luck they have a flat tyre tonight when they try to drive home.
  • 15:02 @SaliWho WE usually wait until around 10-ish in the office for our daily cake rations.
  • 15:11 Chapter 24 is done. On to chapter 25. Getting closer to another sex scene. ;-)
  • 22:20 @dopeydee Have you been drinking? And do you really think she calls him Phillip? I bet she calls him "Duke".
  • 22:22 @maddiejames There are worse places for your head to be than in the clouds.
  • 22:25 My God, the news is depressing. I can't take much more than a few minutes at a time
  • 22:26 @dopeydee "Duke" will call her "Lizzie". I'm certain of that. AS in "Lizzie, put the kettle on, there's a love." lol
  • 22:28 @angelneptustar But St. George's is ages away. I'll have to make do with a choc filled Easter in the mean time
  • 22:30 @angelneptustar The "Desparate look" is the only Gordon has. Apart from that very, very scary "non-smile"
  • 22:31 @dopeydee It would be nice if they just told us one or two nice things that were happening somewhere.
  • 22:32 @dopeydee And "Duke" will say "Charlie? Your mother says to put the kettle on!"
  • 22:33 @angelneptustar It's as if he's been taught to smile via a correspondence course he bought on the internet.
  • 22:34 @angelneptustar I think every time Gordon smiled the FTSE took another nose dive.
  • 22:36 @dopeydee They would make Harry do it, as he's the youngest, but Harry has a machine gun he brought home from work.
  • 22:37 #bbcqt - here we go
  • 22:38 #bbcqt - is it PC for me to worry about being able to understand anything the audience says? Probably not.
  • 22:39 @dopeydee Aww, poor corgis. They don't stand much chance with those short legs.
  • 22:40 @SmoggySuicide eh? Ay canny spek geordie like.
  • 22:43 @SmoggySuicide "Shittyfingers"?? I'm not even going to ask. lol
  • 22:44 @dopeydee If they're dancing, will they moonwalk like Marty McFly did in Back to the Future 3?
  • 22:45 #bbcqt - I can see why they called it a "heavyweight" panel tonight. I reckon they've had to reinforce the damn stage. Too many cakes boys.
  • 22:47 @dopeydee Are they standing on their back legs or doing it on all fours (That actually sounds quite dirty out of context)
  • 22:50 @dopeydee I think doing it on all fours could be a hit on YouTube. I wonder if we could train some corgis?
  • 22:52 Watched Quantum of Solace this evening. Cracking film - even second time around. I need a bigger TV though. and Olga Kurylenko is stunning
  • 22:54 @dopeydee What about a water pistol?
  • 23:18 I'm too tied for #bbcqt. I'm off to bed. Goodnight folks.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 00:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 10:19 I'm having a really busy morning so far today. Hope it slows down soon.
  • 10:21 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: ##author ##blogs ##erotica
  • 10:23 Well, how about that. I'm number 9 on the list of #erotica tweeters on How cool is that?
  • 10:25 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #author #romance #erotica
  • 10:26 I'm number 9 on the #romance list too.
  • 11:10 Right - that's payroll done and dusted. Now for the joy of stuffing payslips in little brown envelopes.
  • 11:39 @marcnobbs got a grade of 98.1/100 on @grader. Check it out: - getting better all the time!
  • 13:00 Lunch is over. Very much enjoyed filling my tummy, turning the phone off and listening to some music. Now, back to work. Maybe
  • 13:03 RT @KFZuzulo: Honestly not sure what to say about this. --WOW, is about all I can manage. @marcnobbs Yeah - Wow,
  • 13:04 "The Apprentice" starts tonight. Another 12 weeks of bitching, backstabbing and people who think they are ace making tits of themselves. yes
  • 13:24 Another classic Britpop hit. I know, I know. It's 90s stuff. It's my era. I'm getting old, okay. ♫
  • 13:27 I've got that "Friday Feeling". And it's only wednesday. And not the good "Friday Feeling" either. The bad one.
  • 13:27 How long before I can bugger off home? What do you mean "Three and a half hours"? That just sucks.
  • 13:28 More Slade! Mama! And Weer Alllllllllllll Crazeeeeeeee NoW! ♫
  • 13:29 And Still More Slade! ♫
  • 16:01 @dopeydee Yep - that's a good one too. I do love Noddy. Great hair.
  • 16:01 Nearly home time. Just an hour left.
  • 16:05 Oasis do Slade. Does it get better than this.
  • 16:18 RT @paulfreeman: @marcnobbs The Shirehorses do Oasis do Slade lol. this is bloody hilarious.
  • 16:21 More YouTube madness. Terry Wogan this time.
  • 16:29 is it hometime yet?
  • 16:53 I'm actually doing some writing for once. I've bashed out over a thousand words since lunchtime.
  • 20:54 @avatarkoo No secret ritual - I just ignore the phone (unless it's the boss. Can't ignore him, he might sack me)
  • 20:58 getting ready for #apprentice - hope that's the hash code
  • 21:00 #apprentice Here we go. Just watching that weird #eastenders ad. Anyone know what that's all about?
  • 21:01 #apprentice One of this year's girls is an American I wonder how long Sir Alan will put up with her?
  • 21:03 @onedavidlewy I agree. Unless you're making money BY having sex.
  • 21:04 #apprenticeDo we get to find out about the one that walked off before the start?
  • 21:06 @Gillers #apprenticeLast year's winner was Lee McQueen
  • 21:08 #apprentice God they can talk crap when talking about themselves.
  • 21:09 #apprentice "I'm a global bullshitter with a degree in talking crap"
  • 21:10 #apprentice My wife says the guys already look friendlier that the girls
  • 21:10 #apprentice Thinking of team names. always fun Empire and Ignite. eh. Not bad.
  • 21:12 #apprentice team leader - "I'll do it if no one else wants to" = Please can someone else do it?
  • 21:16 #apprentice I wouldn't mind a spanking in the boardroom from one or two of those girls. I bet Nick wouldn't either.
  • 21:17 #apprentice "We can't stand here scratching out nuts all day." yeah right.
  • 21:23 #apprentice Have those guys actually cleaned those cars at all?
  • 21:26 #apprentice First rule of business is "The customer is always right" Isn't it? So why do they always argue with the client?
  • 21:31 #apprentice The Girls look to have nailed this.
  • 21:33 #apprentice The boardroom bitching has started already.
  • 21:35 #apprentice Boys win. Didn't see that coming. At least the teams will be even next week.
  • 21:36 #apprentice Ohh, the girls DO NOT look happy.
  • 21:38 #apprentice The blame game. Got to love it.
  • 21:39 #apprentice "I'm not going anywhere tomorrow so you better be nice to me" - kiss of death?
  • 21:42 #apprentice No one speaks to in response to the first question
  • 21:46 #apprentice She has to take Anita back in with her.
  • 21:54 #apprentice Deborah is so full of shit. How many Clich├ęs in that self defense?
  • 21:55 #apprentice "Yep - I'm talking now." Ohh, not good, just shut up right now.
  • 22:02 @adamkaveney #apprentice I think Sir Alan quite likes here. But Nick doesn't
  • 22:03 Love #apprentice "You're fired" too. Love the way they take the piss out of the loser.
  • 22:33 #apprentice Raif from last year is on Newsnight. I loved him.
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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 00:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 10:09 RT @dopeydee: Why when we talk to God is it called prayer but when he answers its called schizophrenia?
  • 10:13 Good Mid-morning all. Yes, I know, I'm late today, but all the catch-up you have to do after a 'day off' is a bugger.
  • 10:15 The funeral yesterday went as well as can be expected. No-one fell out, and no-one fell in (the grave) either. Hey, it was very windy okay.
  • 10:20 I reckon it's coffee time.
  • 10:53 @dopeydee one lump or two?
  • 11:37 @Cynical_Woman My morning is dragging on too. I wonder if there is such a thing a Tuesdayitis? You know, like Mondayitis but for Tuesdays.
  • 14:11 Need to do some followbacks later today. I'm behind
  • 14:31 Currently ringing around some banks to find a good interest rate. No luck so far. All rates are shit.
  • 14:38 should really be doing payroll but can't face it. think I need some caffeine.
  • 14:41 I've just said to someone "Excellent, that's a really good rate of interest". It was 0.5%. God, what have we come to.
  • 15:47 We run a 'prediction league' on the Six Nations Rugby every years at work. And this year.... The boss won. that's just not right.
  • 15:59 Hmm, read, write or work? I know what i should do, but it's not what i want to do.
  • 15:59 @saesneg At least all you saw was the beer belly. It could have been a lot worse.
  • 16:06 @dopeydee I know. That's the trouble. So much work - it will ALWAYS be there later. lol
  • 16:07 @ZaraGreen Don't we all wish we could live in a world where we could do what we like? It might get boring thou after a while. Not.
  • 16:10 Is there a better way to open a chapter than a dream about hot sex?
  • 16:11 @dopeydee Now you're starting to sound like me. "Procrastinate" is my middle name. Well, it would be if i could be bothered.
  • 16:12 @kdbock Well, yes. There is that.
  • 16:15 Good opening line to chap23? "Oh, Yes!" Amy cried. She sat upright, rested her hands on his chest and ground her pelvis against his.
  • 16:15 @dopeydee How long does a degree in Procrastination take? it'd have to be longer that the standard three years, surely.
  • 16:16 @lissamatthews you know, you're the second person to say that. lol
  • 16:29 @dopeydee I wonder if the Uni will just award it out of pity after the first 20 years of putting it off until tomorrow.
  • 16:42 @dopeydee We can but hope. If I ever get around to it, I'll put in a good word for you.
  • 16:45 On the Blog : And so life goes on.
  • 16:45 On the Blog : To Open a Chapter
  • 16:57 Is it home time yet? No, three mins to go.
  • 17:00 Right - I'm off home.
  • 21:34 Right, I might have twhirl open, but I'm going to do some writing and not tweet very much at all.
  • 21:38 @thebookgirl now I feel old. They didn't even start to make Buffy until I'd finished both high school and University. ;-(
  • 21:48 I'm not writing. I'm browsing YouTube instead. How did that happen?
  • 22:05 This is so funny. Girl from the School by my house.
  • 22:08 This is a good one too.
  • 22:08 You know. I should be writing
  • 22:14 Just seen some teachers doing this on YouTube and had to listen to the 'real' version. I'll go find the origina... ♫
  • 22:24 Someone please tell me which movie I know this song from. ♫
  • 22:27 That "Angel of the Morning" Song. I don't remember it from a film, but from "Friends" - Chrissy Hynde sings it.
  • 22:40 How can I not have this on my Blip list? ♫
  • 22:41 @Cynical_Woman It was. And it's been covered loads and loads of times according to Wikipedia.
  • 22:43 Remember the video for this one? ♫
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To Open a Chapter

A short time ago, I sent a twitter tweet asking, "Is there a better way to open a chapter than with a dream about hot sex." I suppose I should have expected all the replies I got which read "Actual how sex", but in any case, here's what I wrote. This opens chapter 23 of one of my WIPs

“Oh, Yes!” Amy cried. She sat upright, rested her hands on his chest and she ground her pelvis against his. “Yes! Damn, that’s good.”

You’ll get no arguments from me, Will thought. He would have told her, but wasn’t sure he had complete control of his vocal cords. Amy certainly had learned how to make a man feel good in the twenty years they’d been apart.

“Ohmyfuckinggod! Oh, William!”

She was much more vocal than Will remembered too.

“Damn, John’s never fucked me this good. I’m going to come, William. You’re going to make me come!”

Me? You’re the one doing all the work.

The bedroom door flew open and Amy’s husband burst through. Amy screamed and jumped up. Will’s cock plopped out of her and slapped against his belly. He sat bolt up-right and felt John’s fist hit his face before he saw it.

Then the room was dark. Will was alone in his bed. He’d kicked the covers off in his sleep and he’s body glistened with sweat. He lay and stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily. His pyjama shorts were sticky. At thirty-eight, he thought he was too old for wet dreams. Apparently not. But although the wet dreams of his youth also featured Amy, none of them ended the way the past few had. Four nights in a row he’d dreamt of Amy. Four nights in a row he’d fucked her to the point of orgasm. And four nights in a row he’d woken at an ungodly hour when John Nugent had interrupted their coupling.

It had to stop.

So, is that a descent opening to a chapter or not?

And so life goes on.

Okay, so, yesterday wasn’t exactly the best day of my life. I attended my grandmother’s funeral, which was ,as I expected, a solemn and not entirely uplifting affair. I wasn’t close to my grandmother – she and my mother had a falling out some years ago and I haven’t really spoken to her since. What’s sad is that my father (it’s his mother we’re talking about here) also hadn’t been in close contact with my grandmother since the fall out either. Yes, they had a reconciliation right at the end, but I think the separation is something that may lie heavily on him for a long time to come.

So, yesterday was one of those occasions where it was just a case of showing the due respect and hoping the whole thing went off without any cross words between formally warring parties. Fortunately, no-one fell out. Which was very good. And no-one fell in. The grave that is. Which given just how windy it was, was something of an achievement for everyone standing at the graveside in itself.

For me though, the worst thing about the day was not the depressing ceremony, or watching the coffin descend into the ground. It was watching my father literally shaking with grief. Somehow, I think I could have coped with seeing my mother like that. But not my dad. I mean, he’s my dad.

He’s the man who worked his fingers to the bone to provide for his family. The man who on occasions worked two jobs to put food on the table. The man who, when there wasn’t enough food, went without to ensure his family didn’t. This is my dad.

I’ve never had the closest relationship with him. And I guess that’s because he worked so hard to provide for us that I never got the opportunity when I was very young to develop that relationship. He would be out of the house and either on his way or more likely be at work by the time I got up. There were too many times I was in bed by the time he got home. We did develop a relationship as I got older – most of it based around our mutual love of our football team.  A love I guess I got from wanting to spend some time with him and that time being at the football. And it’s football that still binds us now. And that’s fine. We have conversations.

But seeing him yesterday….

It’s not something I don’t really want to see again. And yes, I’ve have thought about that sentence and analysed it’s implied meaning and it’s not something I really want to discuss or think about either.

On to other things. Namely, the death over the weekend of Jade Goody. It’s not actually her death, or indeed her, that I want to talk about here. It’s the media over reaction to it. It’s been known since the start of the year that the former Big Brother contestant didn’t have long left and for months we’ve been subjected to newspaper, TV and magazine blanket coverage of her slow demise.

Jade, of course, courted the press during her illness just as she had done ever since appearing on the Channel 4 show in 2002. And she used the press to make as much money for her two children as she could. And I don’t blame her for that. Why shouldn’t she make the money while she can. After all, using the press to make money just from being herself is what she’s done for the past seven years.

I have no beef with Jade. She was a 27 year old mother of two and she passed away in the early hours of Mother’s day - which has a tragic irony to it given the interview which appeared in the newspapers the day before saying her last wish was to hug her boys when they gave her a Mother’s Day card and present. It is, indeed, tragic that she has died so young. It is tragic that her two sons have lost their mother at such a young age (they are four and five). But is it any more tragic than the children who have lost their fathers to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it any more tragic than the family of five wiped out on M6 by a drunken lorry driver last year? Is it any more tragic than any number of deaths that happen any given day?

Apparently so according the national newspapers. The Sun yesterday carried a 16 page tribute to Jade. Sixteen pages? Really? Seriously? The last person to receive that kind of tribute was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and the person before that was Diana Princess of Wales.

Jade, I’m sorry to say, was nothing special. Which to many was part of her appeal – she was ‘one of us’. She had no extraordinary talent. She wasn’t an actor, great or otherwise. She wasn’t a musician or a great thinker or writer. She was just Jade. Okay, she had her name on a celebrity hardback but, and I have no proof of this, I seriously doubt she sat down at a computer and typed out a couple of hundred pages herself. Ghost writers have to make their money somehow.

Jade was famous for being the fat, loud, thick one in Big Brother 3. The one who didn’t know where Portugal was and thought that East Anglia (which she pronounced East Angular) was ‘abroad’. The one who got naked on drunken night and allegedly gave another of the contestants a blow-job under the covers. In short, she was famous for being a stereotype of ‘her type’ of people.

Now, on the various radio phone-ins that we’ve been subjected to on this subject, there have been people accusing those questioning the media reaction to Jade and her death of “snobbery”. I’m sure they would say that of this blog. I’m a snob because I couldn’t stand that she was a working class girl who dragged herself to a successful life despite all the odd stacked against her.

But I’m from working class stock too. And I’ve made what I’d consider to be a success of my life despite the odds.

I’ll be accused of being a snob because Jade was uneducated. Well, who’s fault is that? I went to a pretty poor ‘bog-standard’ comprehensive where being clever was seen as a bad thing by most of the kids. I was a ‘keeno’ because I did my homework and got good grades and was bullied as a result. But I worked damn hard to get my place at university, my parents worked damned hard so I could afford to go and I worked damned hard again when I got there. So don’t accuse me of class snobbery. I fully believe everyone has the right to better themselves – after all, I did.

And so did Jade. She just did it differently to me. She used the media. Whereas I wanted to lift myself out of the environment I was born into, she has used it to build her persona. I have tried to distance myself from my roots, she has played up to hers. Does that make me a snob?

What Jade did that so many other Big Brother contestants over the years have tried and failed to do, was turn her summer in the spotlight into a career in the spotlight. She didn’t become a TV presenter, or try her hand at music or anything else, she just stuck to being Jade and it was enough for the celeb magazines and gossip tabloids to stay interested in her.

Of course, they would say they were only fulfilling the desires of their readers, but honestly, I do question how much the readers guide the magazines and the magazines guide their readers. I can’t help think whenever I speak to people who read the rags about the contents of them, that they care about Jade (or any one of a hundred other 'celebrities’) because the magazine is telling them they should.

To give Jade her due, while she hasn’t exactly lived her final months with a great deal of dignity, she has raised the profile of cervical cancer and as a result a lot more women in their twenties have been for screenings. And I’m sure that some women have had caught the disease early enough to do something about it. But is this worthy of the sixteen pages afforded to her in The Sun? If it is, then the policemen and army officers recently shot dead in Northern Ireland deserve the same. After all, you could argue that their contribution to society was as important as Jade’s (and probably more so).

To my mind Jade Goody is a symptom of a society that has lost its way. When someone, anyone, with no talent that separates her from the masses can play the game and the media to the extent that she has, and generate the fame and wealth that she has, it brings into question the direction our society is going and the values our society holds. But is it society? Or is it the media that ‘serves’ our society? I’d suggest that the majority of people in this country are of the mind that while it’s very sad that a mother of two has died at the age of 27, does it really affect my life? Do we really need blanket coverage on 24 hour news channels and sixteen page tributes in the papers?

And what sad is that life goes on. In a few months, if not weeks, the media will have moved on to the next ‘B-lister” and Jade will be forgotten. Come the end of this year, she will have faded from most people’s memories until he ‘end-of-year news review’ at 23:00 on 31/12/09.

Do I think we have a celebrity obsessed culture? No. I don’t. I do think we have a celebrity obsessed media. And that is a very different thing altogether.

Monday, 23 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 08:05 I'm going to my grandmother's funeral today, so I'll be out of contact most of the day. I might tweet from my phone if I get the chance
  • 08:06 Just don't expect me to live tweet the service. That doesn't seem right somehow.
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Sunday, 22 March 2009

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 10:29 Out shopping with my son for a mothers day gift.
  • 16:15 Have been building a support frame for my raspberry plants. See my twitpic
  • 16:20 -
  • 16:32 -
  • 16:32 Can't believe i'm still pulling potatoes out me the ground.
  • 17:02 Wolves win. Brum Draw. Good day so far. Just need Reading to drop points to make it a good 'un all round. #wwfc
  • 18:25 -
  • 22:35 @thedall I've believed all season (just don't tell anyone or say it too loud)
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Friday, 20 March 2009

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  • 00:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 10:12 Busy first hour of the day. No time to Tweet. I hope the whole day isn't like this.
  • 10:14 My nose is all blocked today and no matter how much I blow it, it just won't clear.
  • 10:49 RT @GirlswithGoals: Still no excuse! "Too Fat" Family say £22K benefits is not enough. @marcnobbs This is terrible
  • 11:36 Is it nearly Lunchtime yet? Am I allowed a McD's because it's Friday?
  • 11:38 Well, England won't have four teams in the QFs of the UEFA CL as Liverpool draw Chelski. Again. That's like, how many times now?
  • 12:06 @Cassixx It'll be cold by the time I get up way up there where you are.
  • 12:06 Right. Popping out for lunch. Be back later.
  • 12:43 On the Blog : Where's the Creative Urge gone?
  • 13:00 This is from the movie "Cars" which is my son's fave. So this song has sort of burned into my head. ♫
  • 13:10 It is truly lovely out there today. I hope it carries over to the weekend. Perfect allotment weather.
  • 13:29 @jp1983 Is that the new Ronan Keating version or the Cyndi Lyper version?
  • 13:31 @jp1983 Yep. Me too. I heard the new one a the weekend. Not bad, but not great either.
  • 14:11 @katehughes That sounds fascinating. I wish I could help. I really, really do.
  • 14:12 @sillybeggar Questions such as "Why are you sitting in my garden?" I'd guess.
  • 15:32 Hour and a half of the working week left! Hopefully it will fly by.#
  • 15:35 I'm on 499 followers. I wonder who will be no.500. And i wonder if all 299 take any bloody notice of me at all. I wonder.
  • 15:37 @jp1983 That's what I thought.
  • 15:42 @jp1983 I do try. Or is it "I am very trying". one or the other anyway.
  • 15:53 @SaliWho There's only a law against it if she's not sharing. Tell her she needs to share.
  • 15:55 @cw1985 That's an ever so slightly random tweet. Teleports aren't a bad idea, but I'd miss my car. And we wouldn't have Top Gear. V.bad idea
  • 16:33 half hour of the week left. so much for "Hope it flies by". It's starting to drag now. It always does. why is that?
  • 16:40 I'm procrastinating.
  • 16:41 Read someone elses stuff, or write my on? 20mins of the day left.
  • 16:47 @BrendaKMills It is.
  • 17:16 Just about to drive home on a beautiful spring evening.
  • 17:21 Looking for some home driving songs
  • 17:42 -
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Where’s the Creative Urge gone?

Okay, so, I’ve written very, very little this week. I’ve tweaked a few words here, added bits there, but overall both my WIPs have not progressed very far. Last night, while I was waiting for the BBC’s Question Time to start for the live tweet fest, I had one of the pieces open on my screen, but found myself doing other stuff on twitter and other bits of the internet instead. And that really sums up how I’ve been this week.

Partly it’s because I’m in the midst of a pretty hectic time at work. It’s coming up to our financial year end, I’ve got all sorts of things to chase and a budget to prepare. On top of that, there seems to have been lots of ‘finicky’ jobs that have crept up this week. At one point I felt like Bob the Friggin Builder I was using my screwdrivers so much.

So I’ve had no time to sneak a few words into WIPs when at work and when I' get home I’ve been too tired to be bothered. But actually, I think there is another, perhaps more significant reason.

Last week was not a good one for me emotionally, as I have documented in this blog previously. But despite, or perhaps because of, that I found I wrote a hell of a lot. I suspect that all the bad feelings I was going through were channelling into a creative spark or urge that got me writing. Perhaps writing was my way of dealing with me emotions.

If that’s the case, as a writer, I should really want more of those bad feelings so I can channel them and write more. But as a person, I don’t really want those bad feelings at all.

So, where does that leave me? Plodding along, I suppose. Writing what I can, when I can and having a creative push whenever I feel down. I guess that’s just how it is.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 11:01 God damn! I'me having a shit arse morning again today. The whole week has been like this. I need some bloody chocolate!
  • 11:16 @TowcesterNews If they ever tax chocolate, I'm leaving the country.
  • 11:17 @kdbock Did you spit it out all over your shirt? Cause that would have been funny to see.
  • 11:20 @hedgemag Perhaps we should all leave the country and set up are own where benefits are paid in chocolate.
  • 11:29 @hedgemag Tell me about it. they'll be taxing alcohol next.
  • 12:28 Best song of the Britpop era? I think so. Oasis - Wonderwall. ♫
  • 13:49 You can't not feel 'something' when you listen to this. Not sure what, but 'something'. "You raise me up" Westl... ♫
  • 14:44 On the Blog : On the Subject of Marriage
  • 19:41 This was no1 in the UK on the day I was born. And they are from my home town too! ♫
  • 20:53 @markinreading Noddy's great. We all love 'im around our way.
  • 21:01 Here we go. Greatest Guitar riff in history. bar none. GnR baby, yeah! ♫
  • 21:11 Hmm, Andy Marr and Darwin on BBC2 or Kate Humble on One. Since KH probably won't be getting naked, I'll choose Darwin.
  • 21:15 @Cassixx You've changed you profile pic! What happened to the cross of St. Andrew?
  • 21:16 @PortiaDaCosta I would if I was you. But I'm not. And I've run out of my own beers. Bugger. Now I'm jealous.
  • 21:18 @PortiaDaCosta I could pop out to Tesco, but I jusy couldn't be arsed. I think I'll have a cup of good old Tetley instead.
  • 21:20 @PortiaDaCosta True. Very, Very true.
  • 21:51 I've got my WIP open on the screen (well, one of them) but I'm studiously avoiding actually typing anything. I procrastinate therefore I am
  • 21:52 Ohh, BBCTWO has broken#
  • 21:52 It's back again. That was a bit weird
  • 21:56 @markinreading Depends what's on at the time.
  • 21:59 @cw1985 But tweeting is soooo much fun. Writings fun too, but I have to think too much. I need a beer.
  • 22:21 @cw1985 well don't stop now. They'll get upset with you for keeping them hanging on.
  • 22:25 @markinreading @_npr Thanks guys. My very best Fearne fantasies now feature Fern and Dot too. It'll never be the same again. :-(
  • 22:28 @markinreading That's just sick. I suggest you stop drinking right now.
  • 22:48 I love this idea that banks should act in the public interest. Banks are just trying to stay afloat right now. And failing. badly #bbcqt
  • 22:49 @markinreading But she's been dead for a few thousand years!
  • 22:51 #bbcqt - every shot of Tessa so far has her looking like she really doesn't want to be there.
  • 22:52 #bbcqt. is it me or did Tessa just call Vince a liar? I'm sure she did.
  • 22:53 @KerryMP It's David Dimbleby. No, wait, you mean the one who looks like the guy that won the apprentice a couple of years ago.
  • 23:03 #bbcqt Upping the price up booze will only mean people who drink a lot spend more money. It'll will only stop them when they run out of cash
  • 23:04 #bbcqt very impressed with Fern Britton. Didn't think I would be, but I am.
  • 23:07 #bbcqt Teenagers have been drinking heavily for years and years and years. Hell, most of my student loans were spent on booze.
  • 23:08 #bbcqt the thing is, people grow up eventually.
  • 23:10 #bbcqt. "Should Universities be able to charge what they like?" NO!
  • 23:12 #bbcqt it isn't right that the people imposing tuition fees on students all benefited from free education themselves. Most got grants too.
  • 23:13 #bbcqt vince is right. If 50% of people have got a degree, surely degrees are then devalued.
  • 23:15 #bbcqt successive governments have been obsessed with the number of people with qualifications instead of the quality of qualifications
  • 23:16 #bbcqt I was the first in my family to go to Uni - but I had to work bloody hard to get there and bloody hard when I got there
  • 23:18 @KerryMP I did thanks. But I wouldn't have had the chance if I'd had to pay for it.
  • 23:19 @Harmohn thanks for agreeing with me
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On the Subject of Marriage

Following my post earlier this week about the sanctity of marriage in romance novels, I’ve received the following feedback from that well know chap, Anonymous.

I wouldn’t normally post private correspondence on a public forum, but as well all know and accept, anonymous feedback doesn’t count under that rule. and besides, the correspondent makes some valid points.

Consider your market, if you will.
Presumably, you are trying to write a romance novel. Most readers of romance novels are women. This is probably self-evident. Now, consider how many of those readers are (or have been) married. Or may have had the experience of a 'relationship' with a married man. (Note this is commonly considered a bad experience... usually because of a string of broken promises, empty claims that he'll leave the wife for her, etc.)
Now, such readers will be likely to identify with your heroine. (Or, in the case of "Charlotte's" the wife/sister which would be even worse.) Married men are - by romance readers' standards - bad choices for a heroine. Typically, though, these same readers will completely understand/sympathize with the heroine stepping outside of a loveless marriage to hook up with the man of her dreams... who will invariably be available to her, and whom she can - by the end of the book - marry (if she wants to) as soon as her husband is removed from the picture. (Note that killing him off, or having him not contest divorce proceedings, is perfectly acceptable... or maybe he merely takes her back without any recriminations after the 'man of her dreams' turns out to be not what she really wanted, and the experience causes hubby to start acting more like the man that she now realizes was best for her.)
Is this a completely cynical view of the genre and its readers? Hell yeah. Is it accurate? In as much as any generalization can be, it is.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this a fair reflection of the readers of romance novels? Or is an out-dated generalisation? Has romance ‘moved on’?

And, if I were to take this at face value, should I alter the way I write? Because remember what my USP is. I write romance mainly from the POV of the male lead. (Note, I didn’t say Hero. I dislike the term. My male leads aren’t Indiana fucking Jones or John Kick-ass Wayne. They are normal, everyday blokes.) But if my audience is going to be mostly female, should I stop doing that and write from the female lead’s POV instead?

Of course, you already know what I think. I wouldn’t head my website and blog with the tag-line “Turning Romance on its Head” if i didn’t think I was offering something a little different from the perceived norm. My argument for writing the way I do is that my readers, even if they are female, like to look inside the heads of my male characters and see what’s going on in there.

Plus, there is another big argument for my writing from the male POV. Who’s heard the phrase “Write what you know”? Well, I‘m sorry, but I have enough trouble figuring out what’s going on in the heads of the women in my life, without creating new women to have to figure out too. I’ll leave that to my male characters, they tend to have better luck at it than me.

Seriously, I feel that if I tried to write from the woman’s POV it would sound like some middle-aged bloke trying to write like from a woman’s POV. Where as if I write from the middle-aged man’s POV…. You get the idea. I’m sure that there are men out there who can pull it off. And with enough work, perhaps I’d be able to as well. But surely I’m better off being the author that offers something different? I mean, Romance is a big, big market – we have to do what we can to stand out. Don’t we?

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 08:29 Is everyone on the road completely nuts?
  • 08:35 -
  • 08:46 Got stuck behind a broken down bus! See my twitpic.
  • 08:47 -
  • 09:14 @MaXsiM Not dangerous if everybody's doing it.
  • 09:47 @stephenfry There is a touch of the James May about you in your profile pic. Maybe it's that actually, James May looks like you.
  • 09:48 @Fearnecotton WEll, that's just not fair. I want the day off too.
  • 09:50 Hell of a journey to work this morning. Dustbin men, broken down bus and an accident at a critical junction (not MY accident) all held me up
  • 09:50 why do dustbin men collect during rush hour? Do they actually WANT to cause maximum inconvenience to the world at large????
  • 09:52 RT@carmony: Gunners' defender Gallas on shining form as he leaves Emirates in £350,000 chrome Mercedes Seriously?
  • 11:02 just sat down. Now I've been called away again. It's been like this all morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 11:11 I want to be outside. It looks like a lovely srping day out there.
  • 11:12 RT @kaylee_lesbian: if life sucks, job sucks, and the wife doesn't...i am truly, truly sorry. @marcnobbs lol.
  • 14:11 @MeghnaK Depends on if you're at the top of bottom of them.
  • 14:18 @MeghnaK So is the love of your life at the top or bottom. Cause if she/he is in the middle too - just do it on the stairs.
  • 14:19 @MeghnaK Unless you're in marks& Spencer's. They get really funny about that sort of thing.
  • 15:53 I have had a seriously shit day today. Haven't been able to sit at my desk for than a few seconds before I'm dragged away to do something
  • 15:54 I was actually putting up a window blind earlier! A Window blind! What am I/ Bob the Friggin' Builder.
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:25 Running late today. Had to drop wife at work and kid at nursery as Mrs Nobbs' car has gone in for a service.
  • 09:32 Don't you just hate it when a scene for your latest story pops into your head fully formed, but it's not the NEXT scene. Or the next one....
  • 11:40 Been a busy, busy morning again today.
  • 11:42 On the Blog : Is Marriage Sacred?
  • 13:36 I'm supposed to be in a meeting right now, but the meetee (is that a word) is on the bloody phone!
  • 15:32 Printing out hundreds of reports. I've always said there were too many trees in the world anyway.
  • 15:34 And I'm still waiting to see how much the car service is going to cost me. Not looking forward to it.
  • 16:17 another bloody meeting.
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Is Marriage Sacred?

The question that heads this entry isn’t about the real world. It isn’t me wondering to the world out loud if I should question my own marriage or anything like that. It’s a question about the world of romantic fiction (and by extension, Erotic Romance) and if marriage is sacred within that genre.

Let me give you an example with reference to my novel Charlotte’s Secret. Holly Tibbs of Romance Reviews Today said of the book,

Yes, CHARLOTTE’S SECRET is about sex outside the marriage vows, but Marc Nobbs puts a unique twist on the subject to not make it unpleasant.

Which, to my mind, implies that many readers might be put off by the breaking of marriage vows but the reviewer is asking them to give it a chance. (I should point out that that’s just my interpretation of the review. I encourage you to read the whole review and judge for yourself.)

If this is the case, the the assumption is that marriage is sacred and anything that strays from that view is something to be looked on with scorn. For those of you who have not read Charlotte’s Secret (Why not? Go buy a copy now, damn it), it’s about a man who is tricked into marrying his girlfriend's sister because she convinces him he got her pregnant after one very drunken night of illicit sex. And, after some time, he realises that he is still in love with (the person who is now) his wife’s sister. The story is of how they sort this situation out.

So, is this marriage sacred? Even though it’s a marriage with little (or indeed, no) love to hold it together and was founded not on a rock as the bible encourages (I can’t quote the book, chapter or verse so don’t ask) but on a lie. To my mind, the romance in this story has nothing to do with the break up of a marriage, but everything to do with the reconciliation of another, more important, stronger, relationship.

And so it is with a story I’m writing now. I have two people in love who been separated by distance, time and misunderstanding, and who find on meeting again that the love stills burns strong. But one of them is married. And not particularly happily married. What do the ‘conventions’ of romance dictate? Should my characters accept their situation or find a way around it? And if the less-than-happy marriage is broken up in favour of the long lost love, is that a good or a bad thing? Will readers be expecting me to respect the sacred vows? Or do they want Will and Amy to be together and happy?

Of course, me being me, I don’t care what the conventions are and I’m going to write the story I feel I need to tell. But I do wonder if I’ll lose readers, potentially forever, in doing so.

Monday, 16 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 02:36 2am. Can't sleep.
  • 09:15 I feel really shit today. I've caught the bug that's been going around the office. Every bit of me hurts and I can't concentrate.
  • 10:43 On the Blog : Sometimes, Life catches up.
  • 11:13 I still feel like absolute death. I really should go home and curl up in bed.
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Sometimes, Life catches up.

I had a pretty bad week last week.

First off, my wife and I had a pretty bad fight over something we really shouldn’t have been fighting about. And to make it worse, this time I was actually in the right – even my wife’s father told her I was. As you can imagine, this didn’t improve the situation for me. If my thirty-five years have taught me anything, it’s that if you’re going to get into a fight with a woman, have the decency to be in the wrong so when you have to apologise you don’t feel so bad about it.

Apologising when you’re in the right just doesn’t feel right.

On top of that, my last remaining grandparent, my dad’s mother, died on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

So, all in all, a pretty shit week.

On the bright side, I did get that creative urge that one often gets when times are bad. I took all my anger and frustration with my wife, and the grief, and forced it into a bit of a writing frenzy. I wrote over ten thousand words last week. As you may or may not know or care, I’ve been working on two stories synchronously. The first started out as a re-write of Reunion and morphed into something else. The second is a re-write of College by the Sea, and it’s this story I worked on feverishly last week.

I’ve relocated the story from the university I attended, Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast, to my fictional English coastal town, Westmouth, which is where Kissed by a Rose is set, and where the other story I’m working on is set. I’ve also decided in my own mind that even though the town isn’t mentioned by name, Westmouth is where Charlotte’s Secret is set too.

In relocating the story, I’ve had to alter great chunks of the narrative describing the town and university campus, I’ve had to rename many of the locations since many of them were originally Welsh, and while I was at it I’ve re-cast many of the minor characters, cut some of the others, and merged two fairly  major characters into one. One of the other major characters gets a new name too. naturally, I’ve taken the chance to clean-up and tighten-up the prose. I’ve also added to some scenes and cut others completely.

The plot of what I’ve re-written so far hasn’t changed very mush. Yes there are scene additions and deletions, but they are details rather than plot points.  At the moment, the story I want to tell is pretty much the same as it was before, with one huge difference. This time, I intend to finish it.

College by the Sea currently has a home at StoriesOnline and even though it’s not marked as inactive and incomplete, it does end rather abruptly. The current ‘out there’ version stops at the university’s Christmas vacation, which isn’t even half the story I really want to tell. So in re-writing it I intend to take the story to the conclusion I originally planned, which is at the end of the university calendar, not halfway through it.

Of course, all this is far in the future. It took me well over a year to bring Kissed by a Rose to a position I was happy enough with to submit to Phaze (my publisher) and working on two at a time could prove to be a mistake if it winds up taking longer. On the other hand, it could be a stroke of genius if it means I end up with two releases close together which may lead to sales of one feeding off the other. If they get accepted that is. And their acceptance may depend on the success or failure of Kissed by a Rose, which is now just two and a half months from release. So expect me to ramp up the promotion of the book in the not too distant future.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

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  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 21:28 Mrs Nobbs is watching Northanger Abbey on itv3 - so I'm doing some writing. Except I don't seem to be able to type very well tonight
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Saturday, 14 March 2009

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Friday, 13 March 2009

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Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:34 @SmoggySuicide They wanted to get it in 1) before people left work for the pub & 2)before the weekend binge
  • 23:37 #bbcqt Good one tonight. Tons of tweets - it was hard to keep up at times.
  • 23:38 Right, that's me done for the night. Off to bed. Do love the new Apprentice trailer. I wonder if there's a hashtag for it.
  • 23:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:23 Morning all. Must go through my Gmail folders today and sort out what i need to keep.
  • 09:24 #bbcqt was a lot of fun last night. thanks to everyone who took part.
  • 09:24 #bbcqt although, there were more than last week and it was hard to keep up at times.
  • 10:44 @katehughes I hope you told him you weren't in an argumentative mood and it was a stupid suggestion.
  • 10:45 @apple4me I Use Twhirl on my desktop. So many useful features
  • 10:49 I just joined the Question Time Twitter Group so stop by and see us. #bbcqt
  • 11:03 An 8-year old pass A level maths with top grade. Just
  • 11:10 Awesome looking new Roller Coaster at Thorpe Park
  • 11:10 opps forgot to give the link
  • 11:16 @Sarabian I actually find #bbcqt more interesting with twitter. A broader range of opinions is always good.
  • 13:40 Last few hours of the working week now. Why do they drag so?
  • 21:39 @margaretleigh Hey, I'm supposed to be editing my novel too.
  • 21:43 @margaretleigh I've got it open on my screen, so that sort of counts.
  • 21:44 @margaretleigh 30 pages is nothing! Get on with. Shouldn't take that long. lol
  • 22:17 @toadmeister I think they might be using #rnd rather than #comicrelief
  • 23:00 #rnd What is Vordaman wearing?????
  • 23:01 #rnd great legs though.
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Thursday, 12 March 2009

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Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:02 I'm back on the ball today. Back in the hot seat. Ready to go. But I do have a bit of a dicky tummy for some reason.
  • 09:02 Sorry I've been a bit absent the past couple of days - personal issues. Sometimes, Real Life just gets in the way, doesn't it?
  • 09:45 My Gmail has too many folders, and currently too many unread e-mails in those folders. I don't have the heart to start reading them
  • 09:45 Did I miss anything while I was away?
  • 09:48 @commonsense4 Not a bad idea. They have to be read sometime. Just not now.
  • 10:55 I want some chocolate biccies but no one in the office has any. ;-(
  • 11:23 @kdbock we don't have girl scouts over here. Just the girl guides. And they are too busy trying to do the boy scouts to bake cookies. lol
  • 11:35 @kdbock You know, I've seen a couple of films where selling cookies led to a lot of fun indeed.
  • 11:36 It's #bbcqt tonight. Clashes with the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Virgin1 so I'll have to Sky+ that as I'll be tweeting my reactions
  • 11:42 On the Blog : Diary-Blog Update
  • 11:42 Y,H&G Diary update : Sunday 8th March
  • 11:46 @JenniferHorn Ha Ha, fancy not knowing who June Lockhart is (if you find out, let me know cause I must be stupid too)
  • 14:16 @JenniferHorn I remember Lost in Space. Used to watch it on Sunday mornings on Channel 4 when I was a kid. I avoided lassie. Too cutesy
  • 14:17 @MeghnaK So true. I can't read something without editing it in my head.
  • 15:10 I really must start concentrating and do some work.
  • 15:38 @angelajames Get her to shave her head and then you won't have to worry about what to call her hair.
  • 15:42 @triciagoyer remember to dry yourself before you start hugging people. There's nothing worse than a wet hug just before you step outside.
  • 15:44 @angelajames She'd need a reason to go bald thou'. she could do it for Comic Relief.
  • 15:56 @angelajames lol. good one. Better yet, she could dye her hair, but it goes wrong and ends up green. I'd love to see the hero react to that
  • 16:12 @Cassixx What's the tat of? And where? Or shouldn't i ask?
  • 17:00 Home time. See you all later tonight for #bbcqt
  • 19:49 @emily83176 Are you allowed to give me permission?
  • 22:17 @emily83176 Just checking.
  • 22:29 #bbcqt getting set for tonights show. Let's hope its a good one. I expect topics will be N.I. and the Luton Army protests.
  • 22:30 @markinreading @doktorb stick with #bbcqt rather than #questiontime. It's shorter so you can say more.
  • 22:32 To my followers not in the UK, you're about to get an hour of comment on British politics from me with the tag #bbcqt. Sorry.
  • 22:33 @markinreading Now that I'd like to see. As long as Lloyd-webber doesn't as part of the deal. #bbcqt
  • 22:36 @_npr It was mentioned a couple of times if I remember right. But my memory is failing me.
  • 22:37 #bbcqt here we go. Looking forward to David Mitchell
  • 22:39 #bbcqt starting of with NI shootings. No surprise there.
  • 22:44 #bbcqt I think the right noises are coming from all the political figures in NI. The dissidents have no voice at the moment. Just guns
  • 22:46 @markinreading #bbcqt Let's hope it makes a difference and we don't go back to the situation in the 80s and 90s
  • 22:50 #bbcqt Is it just me, or does Charles Moore want a 'doom & Gloom' situation as it might sell a few more papers than good news.
  • 22:52 @jamescowley #bbcqt not a big fan of the media at the mo. they have a lot to answer for IMHO
  • 22:53 #bbcqt they say Bankers and for some reason I hear another words which sounds similar
  • 22:54 @jamescowley #bbcqt when I started teaching I struggled for the first 3 years. But then I wasn't a good teacher. It's why I stopped.
  • 22:56 @Sarabian #bbcqt 1 year isn't long enough. It should be two. But then you'd have to pay trainees better too.
  • 22:57 @jamescowley #bbcqt Try it. Teaching is tough. standing in front of 30 kids who don't want to listen and know more swear words than you do.
  • 23:00 @markinreading If you don't know the word, I couldn't possibly comment.
  • 23:03 #bbcqt that sixth former paid a good point. Has anyone actually said they think this is a good idea?
  • 23:04 #bbcqt Why is Fern Britten on next week?
  • 23:04 #bbcqt I knew these protests would come up.
  • 23:11 #bbcqt @markinreading And do you know who was arrested? The people protesting against the protesters.
  • 23:12 #bbcqt @markinreading you and me both
  • 23:14 @saesneg #bbcqt has Charles Moore said anything that is correct or sensible tonight? He's making a tit of himself.
  • 23:15 @Sianz #fuckwit for Charles Moore. lol You got that right.
  • 23:18 #bbcqt well said David Mitchell! You're proud and so am I. I don't care what people say, Britain is a GREAT country.
  • 23:19 @SmoggySuicide You need a cool name, like "The council for long haired twitterers of a certain age"
  • 23:21 @saesneg Would thank make Webb the Chancellor?
  • 23:21 @stephenpglenn #bbcqt Yep. Charles Moore is officially a tit according to the people of twitter.
  • 23:23 @SmoggySuicide "pre-fogie" RAOFL
  • 23:24 #bbcqt if they taxed chocolate they'd have riots on their hands worse than the Poll tax riots.
  • 23:25 @SmoggySuicide sorry to break it to you, but they already do.
  • 23:27 @SmoggySuicide Last Thursday. About 3pm
  • 23:28 @doktorb They don't tax porn do they? Shit, I'm in trouble then.
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Diary-Blog Update

I’ve just posted an update to Young Horny & Grumpy, my fictional diary-blog. The entry is dated last Sunday, which is when I intended to post it but didn’t get around to it. I’ve also got entries for this past Monday and yesterday to post. Which I’ll do either later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Apologies for my Absence

It’s been a pretty awful week for me so far this week. I won’t go into details because it’s all private and personal issues, but I thought I’d give a reason for my absence from this blog, twitter, and other forums.

I’m hoping things will be sorted out tonight. But I’m not counting on it.

Normal service will resume shortly. Maybe.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 00:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 05:49 On Flickr Cow & Sheep: marcnobbs posted a photo: These cows and sheep were on the fields behind our h..
  • 05:50 On Flickr Cow & Sheep: marcnobbs posted a photo: These cows and sheep were on the fields behind our h..
  • 05:50 On Flickr Cow: marcnobbs posted a photo: These cows and sheep were on the fields behind our house on ..
  • 05:50 On Flickr Cow: marcnobbs posted a photo: These cows and sheep were on the fields behind our house on ..
  • 05:50 On Flickr Cow: marcnobbs posted a photo: These cows and sheep were on the fields behind our house on ..
  • 08:52 It's Monday. I's 9am. That means it's time for........................Work. Oh joy, I'm soooooo happy.
  • 09:15 Have a tons of e-mails in my inbox that I need to archive. Supposed to do it every month - currently archiving October. Opps.
  • 10:17 Ploughing my way through month end procedures. Man, this is fun. I wonder how many tree need to be chopped down for this?
  • 14:00 Just got the cover of Kissed by a Rose - looks awesome. I'll twitpic a copy soon.
  • 14:06 - This is the cover of my June release - Kissed by a Rose
  • 14:27 @jacquierogers October 2008. Sorry didn't reply only just seen your reply.
  • 14:28 @Cassixx @margaretleigh Thanks. i really like it. Love all that red against black.
  • 15:22 Anyone having trouble with #Gmail ? I seem to be getting messages twice.
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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 11:45 Hi! If you think I add value to your network, do drop me a recommendation at Much appreciated!
  • 11:55 - There are cows in the field by our house. Took this on our Sunday morning walk.
  • 11:57 I really should make a start on Sunday lunch.
  • 12:02 @charl53 I suspect the can are down to some Hoodies late last night. lol
  • 12:11 @ladlem :-)
  • 12:26 @jamescowley Paternity leave is paid - just not very well. And for only two weeks.
  • 12:52 Another pic of that damn cow.
  • 12:52 Just uploaded a bunch of pics to
  • 13:03 Now watching "Bob the Builder" with Jr while waiting for the chicken to cook and veg to steam.
  • 16:45 I really should do some writing instead of reading
  • 17:08 Okay, Word is open, WIP is on the screen. Now - get typing.
  • 17:15 b My avatar is a random adult and child hand from the internet. This is MY foot with my son's
  • 21:16 - This isn't the photo it's supposed to be. Couldn't have uploaded properly, will try again
  • 21:18 - My son's feet next to one of mine.
  • 21:19 -
  • 21:21 -
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Friday, 6 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:34 #bbcqt Don't you love watching Labour MPs squirm when asked to defend Gordon?
  • 23:37 #bbcqt Enjoyed that. Same time next week.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:17 It's a lovely day here in Sunny Northants.
  • 10:13 Bright and sunny today but very chilly. Might even have to put some gloves on
  • 10:39 got a ton of filing to do again. How does this shit build up so quickly?
  • 13:43 On the Blog : Question Time
  • 13:43 Y,H&G Diary update : Friday 6th March
  • 13:48 @LaughItOff It's Bono's shades. You can't get away with something like that and NOt be cool.
  • 13:49 Written an entry for both of my blogs over lunch. Must focus on work now for a couple more hours then I can write some fiction.
  • 15:22 Bank REcs all done. Time for a cuppa.
  • 15:32 I'm looking at "Young, Horny & Grumpy"
  • 16:20 "I've seen the yellow lights go down in Mississippi. I've seen the bridges of the world and they're for real"
  • 16:20 "I've seen the red light in the mist, without me even being kissed. It still seems so unreal"
  • 16:21 "And I'm far, far away, with my head up in the clouds. And I'm far far away, with my feet down on the ground."
  • 16:21 "Letting loose, around the world. But the call of home is load. Still as loud." - From Far Far Away by Slade. GReat song.
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Question Time

If you scanned through my tweets from yesterday you’ll have noticed a great many references to “#bbcqt”. For those of you who don’t use twitter, the hash code is used to flag up your tweets to others who don’t normally follow you if you are posting on a particular topic. Last month “#uksnow” was a big one, with people across the UK telling the world how bad the snow by them was on a scale of one to ten and posting pretty pictures thereof via twitpic.

“#bbcqt” is the hash tag for the BBC’s Question Time program – the weekly political debate show in which David Dimbleby chairs a panel of politicians, journalists and sometimes celebrities as the live audience ask questions. In recent years, the television audience has been encouraged to join in the debate via e-mail or SMS text message. And now, an increasing number of people are turning to twitter to voice their opinions as they watch. So I wonder how long it will be before David starts mentioning it in his introduction.

It was actually very interesting last night to be on twitter while watching the show. The “#bbcqt” tag made it easy to find what other people were saying. And to answer them back. I’m looking forward to doing it again next week.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 22:02 Is it just me - or does Britney look GREAT in the video for "Circus"? Damn!
  • 22:08 @jmsnyder23 I think this is the best she's looked for a long time. And it IS a great song.
  • 22:13 @jmsnyder23 "There's only two kinds of guys - ones that can handle me and ones that are scared" !! You got that right. I'd defo give it a go
  • 22:17 @jmsnyder23 I have trouble with that too. Go in for a loaf of bread and somehow end up spending £20. No idea how.
  • 22:19 less than half an hour to #questiontime. Should be good this week with the rate cut and Brown in Washington.
  • 22:38 #bbcqt In Dudley tonight - my old stomping ground. Shouldn't Clare Short be on if it's from the West Mids?
  • 22:39 #bbcqt how long do think it'll be before he mentions Twitter in his intoductions?
  • 22:40 @KerryMP I'm going with #bbcqt tonight. It's shorter
  • 22:42 #bbcqt 1st question about printing money - there's a surprise.
  • 22:44 #bbcqt Sorry Germaine - the banks are NOT charging 0.5%. I was quoted 4% for a mortgage today and told it was a good rate.
  • 22:44 @_npr #bbcqt you're right, this is a a hell of a risk.
  • 22:44 #bbcqt who's that bald guy? He's actually talking sense.
  • 22:46 @keithbelfast #bbcqt most of the government shouldn't be allowed to talk about economics either.
  • 22:48 @_npr I normally find the non-politicians talk the most sense on #bbcqt
  • 22:50 @Tweet4Labour #bbcqt That accent is almost making me feel homesick. Or is that sick of my home.
  • 22:51 @_npr #bbcqt The exception that proves the rule?
  • 22:52 @Tweet4Labour If there was a banker on the #bbcqt panel, it'd be a hell of a lot of fun. Get Fred Goodman on.
  • 22:54 @richardrooney #bbcqt - yeah, that was damn quick.
  • 22:58 #bbcqt Why can't we do what they do in France - Pay full price up front then claim back 75% from the state later?
  • 23:01 #bbcqt that point about missing appointments is a very, very good one. Maybe then I could actually GET an appointment.
  • 23:01 @jamescowley It's works in France for my wife & her family. Got to be worth a try.
  • 23:03 @KerryMP #bbcqt but like a lot of folks who go on the show, GG's saying what she thinks the audience wants to hear.
  • 23:04 #bbcqt Germaine Greer talking about Cricket? Is this real or made up?
  • 23:06 - this is so good. Not strictly to do with #bbcqt but thought you guys might like it.
  • 23:09 #bbcqt I do love it when David pressures them to actually answer the question they've been asked.
  • 23:10 @rnnbrwn You and me both. think we should use a big stick on him for good measure?
  • 23:12 #bbcqt That guy in the yellow shirt is really, really pissed off with Toby Young.
  • 23:15 #bbcqt Fern Britten on the panel? Why?
  • 23:16 #bbcqt Should England follow Scotland's example and ban cheap booze? God, I hope not.
  • 23:19 #bbcqt GG - I'll have all the extra money thanks. Send it my way.
  • 23:20 #bbcqt With a French wife, we go back to see her folks quite a lot. Wine and beer is still cheaper of there. And often better quality
  • 23:21 #bbcqt Oh, the tories are on tonight. I didn't realise until he mentioned the "broken society"
  • 23:23 #bbcqt you know, we wouldn't have as much of a problem with booze if parents taught the kids the respect the stuff.
  • 23:23 #bbcqt Of course, the parents would need to respect booze themselves first.
  • 23:25 #bbcqt that young lad who just spoke for PM!
  • 23:26 #bbcqt Gordon in the US? Will we get a Harriet Harman question too?
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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:05 I'm alone in the office this morning, so I've got my iPod on, earbuds in and will try to crack on.
  • 09:16 "Mt heart alone has no feeling, so while I'm still healing, just have a little... Patience" Great song TT at thier best.
  • 09:35 "Father & Son" - another great song.
  • 09:36 Weird seeing all this people just getting off to bed when I've only just got to my desk and am ready to start the day.
  • 09:41 "All or Nothing" by Westlife - love this song. "Cause I want it allllll, or nothing at allllll"
  • 10:31 How can anyone wait for nearly a whole month before banking a cheque for £35K ? I bank cheques for a pound on the same day I get them.
  • 11:12 It's a nice day out there today - so why do I have a feeling of impending doom?
  • 11:42 Y,H&G Diary update : Wednesday 4th March 2009 – Again.
  • 12:42 On the Blog : It's Underway
  • 13:26 @ladlem You've changed your picture.
  • 13:26 @mandymroth I started off really hating Westlife, but that's only cause my sister liked them Then i grew up and actually listened to them
  • 16:25 I'm going to try and do some writing for hte last half and hour of the day,
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It’s Underway

My new fiction dairy-blog is underway. I made the first post yesterday and have made two more today. Yes, two more. You’ll have to read them to find out why. So far it’s mostly just a bit of scene setting and history. The actual plot (such as there will be) will start soon. I already know that in the next entry, Jamie, my diarist, will realise that the entries show up on the blog in reverse chronological order, and this gives me the excuse to start archiving he posts to StoriesOnline.

One thing I’ve been doing is to try and add Wikipedia links to any decidedly British cultural references that Jamie makes. I often see cultural references in works by American authors and have no clue what they mean. I’m hoping by providing some Wiki-guidance, I’ll avoid overseas readers from suffering the same problem.

I noticed today that this blog has been referenced in a blog on SOL for the second day running. The first reference was fine and I e-mailed the author to thank him for reading my blog (cause it was fairly obvious he had from the reference). This second reference though was a comment that “something called Daily Tweets are putting him to sleep”. Well, since I’m the only SOL author to copy his Daily Twitter Tweets to the blog, it must be me inducing his state of unwakefulness. To the author, I have a word of advice – if my Tweets bore you, don’t bother to read them. They are clearly marked, so it’s really quite easy to not click on them, you just don’t click on them. I wonder if he finds my other posts as banal?

Anyway, enough of this, I have work, editing and writing to do – but not in that order.

Jamie Holder’s diary is available at

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 00:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:22 Not a very nice day today. Damp and dark and miserable.
  • 10:02 Busy doing some filing. Joy.
  • 10:33 Filing over. Time for a cuppa.
  • 11:58 It's raining that sideways rain again.
  • 12:13 Young, Horny & Grumpy via @ShareThis
  • 12:42 On the Blog : Young, Horny & Grumpy
  • 12:45 Don't you just love Walkers Crisps?
  • 21:54 The rain had been very, very bad tonight. Even set of my neighbor's car alarm.
  • 22:15 @LynnDaniels They even abandoned the local footy match at halftime there was so much rain. At least it's not snow.
  • 22:19 @stevemclintock Where's "up here"? How far north are you?
  • 22:24 RT @bbcsport: Sylvan Ebanks-Blake's late spot-kick sees Wolves win to extend their lead at the top YES! COME ON!
  • 22:24 Doing a little editing of Kissed by a Rose
  • 22:28 @Gwen_Mitchell Why caffeine free? Why torture yourself like that?
  • 22:29 @LynnDaniels It was a local derby game too. Northampton v Milton Keynes. Big, Big game. Well,big for these two clubs.
  • 22:31 @angelajames depends on what they are retrieving surely? You grab 'stuff'' you retrieve important things. lol
  • 22:34 @katiebabs All the friggin' time.
  • 22:35 Have decided I need to map Westmouth - my fictional town - lest I move major landmarks in future stories.
  • 22:51 @stevemclintock Right - quite a bit further north than me then. No snow in Northamptonshire yet. Just bloody rain.
  • 23:02 @TowcesterNews Safari 4 is great - even on windows. Out classes IE. Quicker and nicer to look at than Chrome and Firefox
  • 23:18 @queenoftheclick That TV is mine. They sent it to the wrong address. I'll DM you mine so you can send it on.
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Young, Horny & Grumpy

Okay, so after consulting my many consultants, I’ve decided that I am going to publish an experimental, diary style blog. You’ll find it at

The Diarist is 35 year old Jamie Holder, nicknamed Noddy because he shares his surname with the lead singer of 70’s glam rock outfit, Slade. He’s a teacher at Westmouth High school. Westmouth is the fictional south coast town that my next novel Kissed by a Rose is set in and where I intend to set all my future work.

Jamie has recently been dumped by his girlfriend – well, she ran off with he best mate actually. Ex-best mate. His other best mate, Brian “Flathead” Jones has advised him to write a blog to help him get over his frustration, deal with his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, and maybe, just maybe, move on and get laid.

Right now, I don’t know how often I’ll be posting entries to the diary. I guess, like most diaries, it’ll be every day posts to start with and then become less frequent as Jamie loses interest. He won’t stop completely, but posts might go down to one or two a week. We’ll just have to see.

In time, I’ll be setting up Jamie with an e-mail address and add a page about this experiment to my website. I’ll also notify  posts to the diary on this blog and archive the posts weekly to SOL as a serial.

So, for now, go and have a read of Jamie’s blog, and let him (me) know what you think.


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