Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Little Miss movie Star Extract

For today’s blog, I thought I’d post an extract of the story I’m currently working on. It’s got a piss poor working title of “Little Miss Movie Star” and is about a young actress who takes time off from making movies to study at university. It’s coming along quite nicely, although it’s 13000 words and I’ve got more story still to tell than I know what to do with. I’m guessing that when it’s finished, I’m going to have to be ruthless with the clipping shears.

If you do notice any silly errors, please forgive me, this is ‘hot off the press’ so to speak. I’m not even thinking of any kind of edit until I’ve reached a climax of some description.

In this scene Chloe (our movie star) and Alan (the guy we all know she’ll end up in bed with) have just been to see a movie and have decided to eat at Burger King afterwards.


There was a short queue in the restaurant which gave Chloe time to examine the menu while they waited in line. But she still hadn’t made her mind up by the time they got to the counter.

“Can I take you’re order please?” said the baseball cap-wearing teenager behind the bar. He clearly wished he was somewhere else—even if it was just the other side of the counter.

Alan ordered then turned to Chloe. “Well? Decided?”

“I don’t know. It all looks so... Look, I know this sounds weird, but I’ve never been in a Burger King before. I want to try everything.”

“You’ve never...? God, being a star is all well and good, but it sounds like you’ve never lived.” He turned to the teenager and said, “She’ll have an XL bacon double cheeseburger meal, with Coke.”

“Is Pepsi okay?” His monotone was annoying.

“Pepsi’s fine. Can we get a couple of chocolate doughnuts too.”

“Anything else?”

“No, that’s it,” said Chloe. She held out a twenty for the boy. He took it and looked at her for the first time. His mouth fell open and he froze, his hand still outstretched holding the money. Alan waved a hand in front of his face.

“’Ere, you’re Chloe Goodman! Boss! Boss! Come look. It’s Chloe Goodman!”

Every eye in the restaurant turned to look at them and silence descended. Then the whispering started. Incessant whispering, so quiet it was deafening.

“And could we get that to take away, please?” said Alan.

By now, the all the customers were buzzing and most of the staff were standing behind the teenager and staring. Chloe took her money back from his still outstretched hand. “Forget it—We’ll go to McD’s. They stare less.” She grabbed Alan’s hand and they ran out of the restaurant, giggling.

“I still fancy that burger,” she said.

“There’s a drive through on the way back to the campus. We could take the food back to your place.”

“Okay. Good idea.”


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