Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Have you been yet?

Have you been over to Ruthie’s Club to read Six-Thirty Sleeper to Paris yet? No, why not? It’s just one of nine great new erotic stories published there this week on the reasonably priced, subscription-based, adults only website.

As id that wasn’t enough, below are the official teaser for my new story, and a brief extract (which I’m afraid doesn’t include any of the dirty bits – you have to pay for those you know)

Oh, and why not visit my website too to find out more about little ole me.

New city, new job, new life. Harry’s leaving Rome on the overnight train to Paris. But he isn’t too pleased about starting his new life by sharing a cabin with a complete stranger—even if she is an elegant and beautiful Parisian

Six-Thirty Sleeper to Paris – an extract with no dirty bits.

“Which one would you like?” Céline asked.

“I’m sorry.”

“Ze beds? Do you want to go on top or below?”

“It makes no difference to me. You decide which you want, and I’ll take the other.”

Bon. I prefer to be below.” She went over to the luggage rack and tried to remove one of her cases. It was stuck. As she struggled with it, Harry rushed over to help.

Oh, merci. C’est gentil, monsieur.” She put the case on the seat and opened it. Harry could see her underwear in the case. Most of it was black and looked skimpy at best. He quickly looked out of the window. It was dark outside. All he could see was Céline’s reflection as she rooted through her case. Eventually she found what she was looking for. “Would you mind?” she asked, nodding to the case.

“Sure,” said Harry. He put the case back in the luggage rack and she entered the tiny cubicle that passed for a bathroom to change for bed. While she was locked away, Harry retrieved his own pyjamas from his overnight bag.

Céline returned, fully clothed and looking annoyed. “C’est impossible. This bathroom is far too small to be undressing.”

“I could wait outside, if you like?”

C’est gentil, monsieur, but that would ’ardly be fair on you. And I cannot be offering to do the same as you are changing. Non, perhaps if you would mind to be facing the other way…?”

“Sure. I promise not to peek.”


Harry couldn’t keep his promise. He closed his eyes at first, but temptation got the better of him and he spied on Céline through one eye. Her blouse came off first. Under it, she wore a white bra. Her reflection in the window was too indistinct for Harry to make out any detail. Next, she wiggled out of her skirt to reveal white French knickers. Harry held his breath as she removed her bra and her magnificent breasts came into view. She turned and picked up the slinky red nightgown she’d taken from her bag and pulled it over her head. It slipped down her body, clinging to her curves as it fell into place. Harry’s final treat came when, still facing away from him, she bent over to remove her knickers. Her nightdress rode up to reveal her bottom—and what a bottom it was. Harry thought it one of the best he’d ever seen.

D’accord,” she said. “I am finished. You are opening your eyes now.”

Harry turned to look at Céline. She twirled around, causing her nightdress to lift up and giving Harry a brief flash of the hair between her legs. Then she stood with her arms held out slightly from her body. “Do you like it? It is new. I am treating myself for my return ’ome.”

“It’s very nice.”

“Very nice? Is that all? You English and your reserve. Is it not sexy?”

“Oh, yes. Very sexy. I just didn’t think it was particularly appropriate to say so.”

Ah, bon. Alors. I shall be going back in the bathroom to, what is it your English women say? Powdering my nose? But of course, I mean Je fait pee-pee.”


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