Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Clear and Present Danger… Of Twitter

When I write, I will often do a companion Tweet session if anything occurs to me. (And by tweet, I don’t actually just mean twitter, since the app I use, Twhirl, updates which in turn updates Facebook, MySpace Google Buzz and others)

It might be that I hit a milestone and Tweet it. Or get excited by a particular scene and tweet it. Anything really.

Last night, I wrote chapter twenty-two of my WIP. In it, our Heroine, Clarissa, takes our Hero, Paul, to visit his parent’s grave on the third anniversary of their death. And as I wrote it, it occurred to me that it’s the fourth graveside scene I’ve written in my (what will be) five books.

So I tweeted about it. And I tweeted details of the scenes. And nearly gave away a pretty major plot point in my forthcoming release Eternally & Evermore.


And lo, you see the danger of instant communication tools like twitter. Imagine if Agatha Christie had done that? lol

Here are my actual words…

There's two in "Lost & Found", one in the forthcoming "Eternally & Evermore" and this one in my WIP.

So, I wonder why I'm so fascinated with scenes of grief at a cemetery?

In the other three scenes, it's my heroine grieving, and we all know what they say about grief and women. One for her brother and one for...

Opps, nearly gave away a MAJOR plot point of a book that not out until the summer.

I tell you, that was damn close. To reveal who’s grave the scene took place at in Eternally & Evermore and to reveal who was in the scene would have given away at least two of the books big secrets.

And I wouldn’t want to do that, now would I?

Eternally & Evermore will be released by Phaze Books on 29th August, so you’ll have to wait until then to see who’s grave it is and who’s there.


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