Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday House Guest - “Sleek, Shapely Curves” by Victoria Blisse

cos-health-image-3-805606979[1] This week’s House Guest is Victoria Blisse, who we heard from earlier this week in the Wednesday Words slot with an excerpt from her vampire romance, The Point.

Today, she’s going to talk about one of my favourite things – beautiful feminine curves.


When you hear guys talking about expensive sports cars you always hear them drooling about their beautiful curves well when I write, I like to wax lyrical about curves too but I don’t often mention cars.

Hello, I am Victoria Blisse and like to write about ample bosoms, shapely hips and big bottoms. I love writing about real women. Women who have wobbly bits they’re not proud of, cellulite, the odd wrinkle or stretch mark. I got heartily sick of reading romance stories about stick thin girls. You know the type. They’re geeky, shy and apparently unattractive to the opposite sex but the moment they whip off their glasses and shake out their hair they’re ever guy’s wet dream with subtle curves and perky tits to match. I am not that kind of woman and I wanted to write stories about characters like me because we curvy girls deserve love and lust as much as anyone else.

It makes me sad when I see advertising hoardings covered in beautiful women quite clearly airbrushed to remove all their alleged imperfections.  It makes me feel inadequate sometimes because I am never ever going to look like the model on the bill board, heck if she’s had to be airbrushed I don’t know what computer hi jinks they’d have to do to make me look presentable! But not just that, it makes me feel sorry for the poor girl who is obviously stunning to start with but still has her image digitally played with before it can be used. How awful must that make a person feel? It’s just as bad for guys these days, they’re coming under similar pressures to look toned, tanned and well groomed as we women have experienced for many years.

Well, I think it’s time that we reject the media image which is so unobtainable it’s unreal. I mean if Lara Croft really existed she’d keep toppling over with the weight of her massive, pert boobs! No, we need to be looking for the good, the sexy in ourselves just the way we are.  We’ll never be perfect and that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. Imperfections are what make us different from each other. They’re the things that mark us out as an individual and it’s about time we started to champion diversity and the love of our wobbly bits.

I like to think I’m doing my bit with the characters in my stories. How does the physical description of a book character impact your view of them? Do you prefer the body perfect hero/heroine or do you prefer characters with imperfections like I do? I’d be very interested to hear your views.

Thanks Marc, I hope to be back here again in the future.


Vic is a northern lass, hailing from sunny Manchester. Check out her website, facebook, facebook fan page (cool, I’ll have to get one of those, not that I have any fans) and twitter. Lots of lovely ways to contact her.


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