Monday, 18 June 2007

Monday Update

Just a quickie today – we have the auditors in the office this week and so I need to snatch a few moments when I can.

Over the weekend I made a few minor modifications to my website. I’ve updated my WIP page to reflect recent submissions and acceptances and I’ve changed the ‘titles’ on my story page – they are now in a more attractive font. I’m still having problems with one area of text on this page. It’s very annoying and I suspect I may have to delete the text/cell and redo it to get it to behave itself.

To my shame, I’ve still not added any links on my author’s page. I have a list of people to add, but as yet have not been able to get a run at it. I’ll have to make this a priority.

I didn’t do any writing this weekend – I spent most of it with my son, which was very nice. Although, he does insist that he want’s to go “asside” even though it’s pouring with rain. Needless to say, I have to find ways to distract him. Mr. Potato Head usually works well.

I've also started a blog group for authors of erotica at myspace. Anyone who dabbles in erotica is welcome to join


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