Thursday, 6 March 2008

Guess where I've been

I've had a busy week at work this week. Firstly my assistant was off on Monday and I had to do two jobs (and bear in mind that my job is actually about four jobs – I was going flat out). Then when she got back I had to complete our regular month end procedures. We've been having computer problems again which are mine to fix. We've also had trainers in, for whom I had to provide IT support (ie, I had to lug a load of computers down from peoples desks to the training room), and then I was on a half day tax course in the afternoon. I did manage to get lots done on Wednesday, but this morning I went to a conference in London. At the new Wembley Stadium no less.

What a place that it. It was late, it over budget, but boy was it worth it. It's an amazing place. I'd love to go back to actually watch a match or a concert there – but I doubt I ever will.

Still – wow. What a place. Here's a few terrible pics from my phone that really don't do it justice.

wembley 3

wembley 7

wembley 6

wembley 5


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