Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Monday Moan on a Tuesday

I’ve been something of a myspace absentee in recent weeks – by which I mean that I haven’t been responding to any comments left on my page or my blog, replying to any messages in any great detail or leaving any comments on other pages. Essentially, I’m time poor again and trying to use any spare moments to work on "Chloe’s Education" (still not sure if I like this title or if the old one "The Method" is better – still, bags of time to make my mind up)

Anyway – I apologise to anyone who’s been offended by my lack of an enthusiastic response. I promise to try and make a concerted effort to be a better myspace buddy in the near future. I’m trying to find time to come up with some cool new graphics to share with you all.

To other matters – on the radio this morning, many, many people were sending text messages to the morning show to ask them to stop referring to people under sixteen as ’young people’ and start calling them what they are ’children’. One texter even went as far as to say stop calling those who attend secondary school, "Students". They are "pupils", not "Students". I must say, I couldn’t agree with both sentiments more. It’s a sign of how stupid our society has become that we are worried that the words "children" and "pupils" might be offensive. The only ones who would find these terms offensive are the interfering do-gooders who tell us that we must try and accommodate "under-motivated young people" in our classrooms, even if it means that the education of twenty other children is disrupted. IMO, interfering do-gooders are the root of all ills in modern Britain. Them and Tony Blair, but I can’t blame him any more as he’s not in power. (Mind you, Gordon is still blaming the last Tory government, and that was over ten years ago. Guess I can still blame Smiley-Tony)

It’s Easter weekend this weekend. And the forecast if for snow. At Easter. So much for Global Warming. At least if it’s cold my chocolate eggs won’t melt.

The local radio is advertising a "lights off" day this month. The idea is to get everyone in the county to switch off their lights for an hour to try and save the planet. This should trigger another rant on my behalf on the topic of climate change – but I’m not going to let it. You already know my thoughts on this. You already know that I think that the climate of this planet has been changing constantly for millions of years and it’s exceedingly arrogant of us to think we can affect it – let alone control it. You already know that I think we should stop wasting time and money trying to reduce our carbon footprint and instead concentrate on coping with the changes that will inevitably come. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of these "everything’s fine" type of people. I just think that the climate is going to change no matter what we do – so let’s learn to cope with it instead of trying to stop it.

Opps, I started ranting, didn’t I? Sorry.

I had to arrange meetings at work last week for three employees with the pensions adviser. This brought home to me that fact that I won’t get my state pension until I’m 68. That’s another 34 years. Shit, that’s depressing. And on that note, I’ll leave you and go do some work. Or possibly skive off work and do some writing instead.


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