Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Aimless blogging

It was the Eurovision song contest this past weekend, but we didn’t win. I’m not going to bitch about it but… No, I’ll stop myself before I get going on this ‘song’ contest which is more about National popularity than music. Since the voting has switched to “televoting” by the public rather than voting by a panel of ‘experts’ some ten years ago, I’ve yet to see the best song win. Still, at least Terry Wogan was his good old self.

I had planned on doing some writing this weekend, after all it was a Bank Holiday and the weather was shit so what else could I do? Certainly I wasn’t going down the allotment in the wind and rain, thank you very much. However, I rediscovered Football Manager. Not a good idea really as I spent almost four solid days playing the damn game. It’s so bloody addictive and gets more so with each iteration. Naturally, I cheated by using the pre-game editor to make my club of choice the strongest and richest in the world thereby ensuring I’d have no trouble in attracting the best players and almost certainly guaranteeing victory. I’m currently 3 months into my first season and 17 points clear at the top of the table.

On a different subject, I’ve had to replace the hard drive in my laptop with a bigger one. All that porn… I mean music taking up the space. I still haven’t finished re-installing all my software (or copying over my porn… I mean music) so I haven’t been able to update my website in a while. And it does need an update. I’ll get to it sometime, but I don’t know when yet. Perhaps it’s time to try a different web-editor. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.

From the nature of this post (a bit rambling and not really saying much) you might have guessed that I’m ‘avoid work’ mode. I’m in the middle of P11D forms and they are horrible. So I’m trying to find other things to do. I’ve made my first Online Submission of a VAT return, set up payments for VAT and PAYE for this month and now I’m writing aimlessly in my blog. If anyone wants to do my P11Ds for me, please e-mail me. I can’t pay you, but I’m sure we can come to some “arrangement” – particularly if you live in the UK, which I suppose you’d have to in order to know anything about P11Ds in the first place.

Do you remember me mentioning the distracting nature of the two rather attractive 19 year olds in my office (actually, one of them just turned 20)? Yes? Good. Well, since the weather has gotten worse, I’d expected the distraction to die down. Unfortunately, the younger of the two (but still of legal age, I’m not that kind of pervert, thank you very much) has come to work today wearing a very lovely pair of tight black trousers—and damn! What an arse that girl has. I hadn’t really noticed it before as my eyes were focused a little higher and on the front of body not the back. But Damn! That’s one fine booty. She’s got T&A in abundance. Not size wise, as neither T nor A are that big, both quite small really, but they are a wonderful shape, the T and the A.

Excuse me, I need to wipe my mouth.

There, that’s better, where was I? Oh, yes, Kylie. Kylie Minouge is 40. 40? Can you believe it? I remember when she was a wee slip of a thing fresh out of Neighbours. I tell you what—it doesn’t half make me feel old.

Now, I’m off to listen to write some smut. Bye.


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