Friday, 30 May 2008

More Fuel Anger

It’s been quite a quiet Friday so far. The two you-know-whats that have haunted me for months (if you don’t know whats then read some earlier blog posts) are both off today, leaving me with some piece. I’ve been able to plug myself into my iPod (actually, it’s not an iPod – it’s a Phillips GoGear 8Mb SA6185 – but no one would know what I meant if I called it that. It’s an amazing job of branding that Apple have done really when you think about it) and get on with some work.

By work, I mean actual work that I actually get paid for. I’m hoping that if I can clear away the crap that needs doing by three-ish, I can have a couple of sneaky hours working on Chloe’s Education. We’ll see.

I was watching Question Time last night and got very angry with a member of the Green Party who was an MEP (Member of the European Parliament). She was spouting on about how we shouldn’t complain about the cost of oil as the price now reflects the damage done to the planet, blah, blah, blah. In fact, she was advocating even more tax on petrol and other fuels. Well, it’s all well and good her going on about it, but she doesn’t have to drive 20 miles each way to work every day along county roads with no bus route that would be lethal for a cyclist. No, she gets a chauffer driven Euro-car. And then, once a month, the whole of the Euro-Parliament (her included) packs up in Brussels and moves to Strasbourg for a few days, before packing up and going back to Brussels. If she really wants to help the damn planet, she can fight to stop this stupid waste of fuel and and tax payers money.

I’m getting very close to going off on a rant again. You really should stop me when I’m doing that.


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