Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday House Guest – Christine London at the RT Cover Model Photo Shoot

Today’s House Guest is Christine London. I know you’ll make her welcome.
338-1 I have to admit to a bias where photography, book cover shoots in particular is concerned. Having dabbled in cobbling a cover or two of my own, I have gained great respect for the hard work of the models and photographers that produce such beautiful work.
Saturday at the RT Booklovers convention brought a much-anticipated treat---the welcome of industry professionals and readers into the world of a romance novel cover shoot. Sets carefully assembled, lights mounted, photographer clutching expensive Nikon equipment, lucky attendees buzzed with excitement as the host of the shoot welcomed us.
296-1-1 Internationally renowned model, Jimmy Thomas ( moved effortlessly through pose after pose, change of costume accomplished in the blink of an eye (and largely in view of the rapt audience) Mr. Thomas charmed his way in a graceful ballet that included numerous emotions. Whether a cowboy, a regal regency gentleman or between creamy satin sheets, Jimmy made what is not easy, look it. Spinning a spell of romance and sensuality that seemed to raise the temperature in the room twenty degrees, Mr. Thomas moved about each female model with poise and smoldering masculinity.
322-1 To be a really great cover model one must not only appear to make love to his partner, but the camera as well. A consummate professional, Mr. Thomas captured the definition of being 'top of his game' all whilst adding absorbing commentary, casually adjusting a prop or an errant strand of hair.351-1
After the final scene was shot, the three model participants stayed to answer questions.
Methods of lighting, posture and matters or professional concern were all discussed. Ever the generous spirit, Mr. Thomas even conveyed warning to aspiring models to beware of contract specifics; to not sell them short by allowing their personal images to fall into unsavory use.
481-1 The man himself tells me that we can expect further surprises at next year’s RT Convention. The mind does dance in imaginings of what that might be….
Thank you Jimmy for being so kind as to share an area of the business few have opportunity to experience.
444-1 3571-1
Christine London
Author of Romance With a Twist
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