Thursday, 19 April 2007

Why, Why, Why...

Why have the worldwide media felt is was a good idea to broadcast that video that Cho Seung-hui sent to NBC? Have they all lost their collective minds? As a TV exec, do you have to remove your brain before you go to work in the morning?

Or is it me? Am I the only one that thinks broadcasting what this person has to say serves no purpose other than to glorify what he has done? How many similarly disturbed young people will see this video and pictures and think “Hey, I’ll get on TV if I do what he did?”

Am I the only one who thinks giving this person his fifteen minutes – even if they are posthumous, is mad? Am I the only one who thinks that it is distasteful and insensitive in the extreme to broadcast this video? How exactly do the families of those left behind feel about this – and no, that’s not a request for the media to seek them out and ask them, please, for the love of god, leave them to their private grief.

I have not seen this video, and I have no wish to. I will not be clicking on the many links on the internet that point to it, and if it is shown on the news this evening, I shall be changing the channel. Would this have been shown five years ago? Ten? Fifteen? Have we really sunk so low? The many TV execs around the world that have made the decision to show this thing ought, today, to be ashamed of themselves.


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