Sunday, 27 May 2007

Breakfast at Ruthie's

You can now purchase your copy of "Breakfast at Ruthie's" from my Lulu store. "Breakfast at Ruthie's" is a collection of five hot tales, each of which was first published at "Ruthie's Club".

The book is available in three formats, a 6" x 9" paperback edition, a 4" x 7" pocket paperback edition and a 6" x 9" Hardback edition. Prices are £7.50 for the paperbacks and £13.50 for the Hardback. (Price in US$ and Euros will vary with exchange rates but is currently $13.50/€11 for the paperbacks and $24.50/€20 for the Hardback)

"Breakfast at Ruthie's" contains these stories.

Scratched - Carol drinks a little too much while her husband and his friend talk business over dinner. She decides to take a slow walk back to the car to try and clear her head. What she finds when she gets there surprises her. How she reacts surprises her even more.

Measuring up – Mike is tired of dinner parties. They seem to be nothing but an endless merry-go-round of idle chitchat, new world wines, and experimental cooking. But his newest work colleague has a different idea of the perfect evening.

LADZ Local Lovelies #56 Laura – Laura wants Gavin. Gavin hardly even notices Laura's alive because he's always got his nose buried in an issue of Ladz magazine. But Laura has a plan—if Gavin's dream is to fuck one of the Ladz "Local Lovelies", she'll just have to become one herself.

LADZ Local Lovelies #58 Emma – Jake takes a train trip to London on a glorious spring day and realises he seen the young lady sitting opposite him before. What he doesn't know is that Emma is one of Ladz "Local Lovelies", and since appearing in Britain's leading lad's magazine in nothing but her undies, her life hasn't taken the path she expected.

Divine Interview (with Cassie Exline) – Dana Rubeck grasps the opportunity to interview her favorite author of erotic fiction at his mansion on the outskirts of her hometown. But, disarmed by his rich British voice and natural charm, she allows him to show her that he doesn't only write about great sex.


While you've got your credit card out, why not pick up a copy of "Two Ks and No Space" and "Reunion" ?


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