Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Normal Service

After this weekend “press release” style blog entry, normal service is resumed today. You may have noticed that “Breakfast at Ruthie’s” finally went on sale at the weekend. I’ve received quite a few messages over the past couple of weeks enquiring about the book, so I’m hopeful that they’ll translate into sales.

You may also have noticed that my MySpace profile has undergone a minor makeover with the pic from “Breakfast” cover as the new background. I’ve left my blog background alone because, apparently, some people quite like looking at the nipple. I plan to make more changes to the profile as well, but that’s not a priority at the moment.

The main priority is completing the makeover of marcnobbs.com. It’s underway, with new graphics, but click around it and you’ll see that there are a few areas that I still need to add to.

One of them is the page that links to other authors. If anyone would like to be added to this page, please contact me via MySpace message or e-mail and I’ll gladly add you. Just give me the URL and a quick sentence or two of self-promotion and we’ll be happy bunnies both.

Couple of other things to report. First, Ruthie’s Club have accepted my story “Six-Thirty Sleeper to Paris” on the condition that the smattering of French within it stands up to editing, which is a fair point. It’d be daft to publish a story where the foreign language within it was a mess. It should be okay though, I’ve picked up a fair bit of French from my darling wife (who, for those of you who don’t know, IS French) and anything I wasn’t sure about I asked her to check for me.

Second, I posted a revised revision of “Public Performance” in the tank on Friday and I’ve been delighted with the reaction to it. I’ve got one or two issues to look at that have been raised by the reviewers, but top and bottom of it is that the story is just about ready for submission.

And Finally. It’s bloody freezing here today. My fingers are like blocks on ice and I’m having real difficulty typing. Thank God for “right-click” spell-check. Does anyone have any thermal gloves I could borrow? And what the F**k happened to summer?


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