Monday, 21 May 2007

Monday Moan

It’s Monday again, and I’ve got a list of moans as long as something very long indeed. In fact, it’s such a long list, that if I were to write it down, it’d be Tuesday and I’d have wasted a day and have something else to moan about. Instead, let’s stick to the main gripes shall we.

Such as, why do people think that you can have building work done without creating a mess? We’re having the dividing wall between us and next door re-built as it’s in a very bad way, and they are also going to put some rather attractive railings on it to stop my son from falling down the 5foot drop to next door (we live on a hill). As you can imagine, as the old bricks have to be removed before the new ones are put in place, it gets a bit dusty. And both my wife and neighbour are moaning, hence I’m moaning. I’m assured by the builder that they will clean it all up when they have finished with ‘brick acid”, which supposedly cleans the bricks in the driveway up nicely. And I’ve even said that if the neighbour isn’t satisfied I’ll pressure wash it myself for him. He’s still moaning though.

Second, I almost successfully managed to avoid the news programmes on the TV yesterday, but was unfortunate enough to catch the “Headlines” on channel 5 while waiting for a film to start. And do you know what the “top story” was? No? I’ll tell you. The father of the little girl abducted in Portugal is flying back to the UK for 24 hours to deal with some “personal matters”. What? This isn’t news. This is what you’d expect someone who’s been out of the country for nearly a month to do. Are the media really so hyped about this story that they have to tell us things like this? Surely this is his “personal and private” business. Tell us about the case, by all means. Tell us when they’ve found her, or if they arrest someone, but there’s no need to tell us what her parents are doing 24/7. Leave them be, for God’s sake – don’t you think they have enough on their plates without worrying about what the papers might say if he flies back home to pay a few bills and check the house hasn’t fallen down. I’ll say it again, just in case the media wasn’t listening the first time – Leave them alone!

Of course, all this is just fluff. The real reason I’m in such a foul mood is lack of a good night’s sleep. My son is trying to push through a couple of those nasty molars, and during the day, when he’s occupied, he’s fine but come night-time, when Daddy wants to sleep, it’s a different story. I’m miserable and grouchy and it seems that my temper is bubbling just beneath the surface. And this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. What I need is a weekend away, where I can lie in bed until noon undisturbed. Either that or I’m going to snap and take it out on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Unless you can think of someone who does deserve it. Any suggestions? Come on, I’m ready to really rip into someone, just give a name. A name God damn it. A name!

I think I need another cup of tea.


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