Thursday, 17 May 2007

See, that’s what’s wrong with the country.

It appears that today, Britain will have a new Prime Minister elect, without a single vote being cast by anyone, not even members of his own damn party.

This is a disgrace!

After the triumph of democracy that was the French presidential elections, with a whopping 85% turnout to chose the new leader, we in Britain go to the opposite extreme, with a zero percent turnout, due simply to the fact that we have been denied the opportunity.

I cannot express just how disillusioned I am with my country at the moment. We already have a sensationalist media which makes newspapers impossible to read and TV news impossible to watch, and now this. And what is the media doing about this travesty? Nothing, they are too busy complaining that the laws in Portugal deny them free access to all that is happening in an ongoing police investigation into that missing toddler, while blaming everyone from the girl’s parents to the hotel owners for her abduction. That and printing pictures of super-skinny celebs.

Could someone find out when the next flight out of here is? I need to go and pack my bags.


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