Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Oh, who’d have thunk that real life could get in the way of a good blog and a bit of bragging? Why did no one warn me that having kids was such a hassle and caused so much worry and strife?

Anyway, back at work today (more’s the pity) and so back to trying to avoid actually doing what I get paid for and trying to tap away aimlessly on the keyboard instead in a vaguely creative manner. This week i have another Flash story running at Ruthie’s Club called “Sorry”. If anyone remembers the video for the U2 song “The Sweetest Thing”, it was inspired by that. I was doing some writing one day with one of those saddo music channels on the TV in the background and this song came on. Bang – story written in about 20 mins and edited in about an hour. Not bad going really.

The above link will only work if you have a Ruthie’s subscription. If you don’t, click here and go buy one now.

If you do have a sub, the rest of my Ruthie’s stories, including Charlotte’s Secret and 14 other flashes, are archived here.


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