Monday, 9 June 2008

The Summer Sun

It looks like summer has returned to these shores. Yesterday (Sunday) was hot and sunny all day. I took Nobbs Jr to the park to play football in the morning and then again in the afternoon so he could play on the swings and slides and stuff.

And today is just as hot and sunny. The forecast is for a lovely day tomorrow as well.

I love hot sunny days. The main reason, of course, is that I’m the world’s youngest dirty old man and hot sunny days bring out the girls in their skimps. On days like this I can look out of my office window at the high street in this rural market town and be greeted with acres of soft, young female flesh. And because I’m on the third floor, on one notices me being a perv.

Now, I’ve been telling you all about the two rather lovely nineteen year olds that I work in close proximity with these days (which doesn’t do this old perv’s heart any good I can tell you). And, just like all the other fine young fillies in the country, the hot weather brings out the best in them.

One of them is off this afternoon – she got exams this week and is revising, but the other is here in all her glory. She’s a northern lass – which gets her noticed in rural Northamptonshire when she opens her mouth. She’s short (so short she even makes me feel tall) but she’s still absolutely lovely. Today, she’s got her dark blonde hair in ringlets and looks oh-so-sweet. And she’s wearing this form-fitting black dress (with small white dots all over it) that tells me she’s got a figure I’d commit murder to get my dirty old hands on. Small waist, gently swelling hips, great arse and boobs… man, those boobs – they look more than good enough to eat. If Boobs like that were ever on the menu in a restaurant – they’d sell out within an hour.

I tell you, I could sit and stare at her all day. In fact, I have – I’ve got no work done at all. Now, I know she’s got a boyfriend that she moved down from the north to be with, and I know I’m married, but that doesn’t stop this dirty old man from imagining what would happen if we got locked in the stationary cupboard together. (Actually, the stationary cupboard is too small – better the strong room instead)

You know what – I feel a short story coming on.

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