Monday, 30 June 2008

She's so...

I'm quite annoyed this morning. No, not quite annoyed - very annoyed. And all my annoyance is directed in one direction, towards one person. Let me explain.

Last week was a difficult one for me, as you'll know if you've read the last couple of entries. between the annual audit and the new computer installation, I've been busy, busy, busy. And, on the whole, most of the rest of the office have been very tolerant. Yes, there have been lots of "I don't like this new Word 2007" type comments, yes, I've been running around trying to solve people's problems, but on the whole, most people have understood that I'm doing my best and they'll have to wait their turn.

But this morning, one of the Fee Earners in the office has returned from holiday and I've had more complaints this morning from her that from anyone else the whole of last week. They have all been the sort of tiddling little settings problems that you always get with new computers, and that everyone else has got too - but for some reason she seems to think that her work is more important that everyone else's. That her computer should have been installed with no problem at all and she should return from holiday and see no difference. But she was one of the people complaining about the old computers that prompted their replacement in the first place. Now, she's demanding that her old PC is plugged back in so she can work like she used to - that would be painfully slowly then, huh? And having to deal with random crashes and what not?

So as you can imagine, I'm annoyed by this. Very annoyed indeed. It's not so much the 'can you come and solve..." that I'm annoyed with - it's the attitude. We're all muddling through at the moment. And with not much work on, it's an ideal time to do it - that's why we picked this period. I'm very tempted to just do as she wants and plug the old PC in say - stuff it, get on with it. It's your loss.

But that wouldn't be terribly professional, now would it.


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