Wednesday, 11 June 2008

£31.25 per Word

Yesterday, British book seller, Waterstones, held a charity auction. For sale were a number of A5 size card with handwritten, unique stories on them by some of Britain’s top authors. People like Irvin Welsh of Trianspotting fame.

Among the authors was a certain Joanne Rowling. Her 800 word story was from the ‘Potterverse’ and set three years before Harry was born. It sold for £25000. That’s around $50000. That’s £31.25 ($62.50) PER WORD! Damn, I wish I knew a publisher that paid that well.

You may have noticed that this blog has changed colour. Gone is the oppressive black and in comes calming grey. I hope you like it. I’ve made similar changes to my website too, although it’s not quite finished yet – the background doesn’t carry though to pages beyond the front for some reason, I’ve still got three pages to complete, and apparently there’s a spelling mistake on the first page (five points for anyone who can spot it).

To celebrate this new look, over the next few days I’m going to put links on this blog to one of the ‘free’ stories on my website. They are all in .pdf format, so feel free to download and read at your leisure. All I ask is that you drop me an e-mail and tell me if you liked it or not. I suppose we should go in order really. But which order? Chronological? Alphabetical? Yeah, I’m an alphabetical sort of guy at heart.


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