Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Another short story extract

I've been a bit quite on the blog front this week because I've been working on my Movie Star story for the most part. It's now up over 25000 words and it won't be long before it over takes "reunion" as the second longest story I've ever written.
That's an interesting point in itself. The story which is longer - "College by the sea", a non-erotic story about a group of students sharing university accommodation - is only half finished itself and has been sort of abandoned for a couple of years now. It the same old story, I know what the story is, and I know how it ends, I just haven't written it down yet. So, given it's not finished and may never be, does it count as the longest story I've written? (it's currently at 80000+ words and I'd estimate it'd be 120000 when finished.) The thing is, if I ever got to the end, I'd then have to go back and edit it - and since the bulk of it was written before my fishtank education, I reckon I'd lose a whole heap of words in the edit.
Anyway, I thought I'd post a new extract of my current story - so here's a naughty little striptease scene.

By the time room service was delivered, the bath was ready. It was a Victorian roll-top bath, standing on brass feet in the centre of the large bathroom. Chloe had Adam drag two tables close to the bath. She set up the fountain on one and the champange, flutes and bowl of strawberries on the other. She tipped the porter while Adam stripped and climbed into the bath. When she returned to the bathroom, he was lying back with his eyes closed, his head resting on the edge.

"Better open those baby-blues or you'll miss the show," she said.
Adam opened one eye and looked at her. "What show?"

"This one." She pulled her blouse out of her skirt and turned away from him. She unzipped her skirt at the back and shimmed out of it. Adam held his breath as her arse came into view. It was half-covered in a pair of silky, black french knickers. The skirt fell to the floor and revealed that she was wearing black hold-up stockings. She looked over her shoulder at him. "Nice?"

"Enjoying the performace?"

"It's worthy of an Oscar. Or it will be if it ends the way I think."

"I hope it does, or I've been wasting my time." Although he couldn't see because she still had her back to him, it was obvious that she was undoing her blouse button by button. When the last button was open, she slipped the blouse off one shoulder then the other. She kept her arms bent to prevent the blouse from falling too far.

"Your bra looks tight," he said. "The straps are cutting into your shoulders. Perhaps you should take it off."

"Patience." She let her blouse fall to the floor and then reached behind to unhook her bra. She took it off and then covered her breasts with her hands as she turned around.
"Hey, no fair."
"I'm shy." Adam didn't think she looked very shy, standing in front of him in only tiny knickers and hold-up stockings.
"Come on, set the girls free."
Chloe moved her hands and quickly turned around again. Adam only got a breif flash, but he didn't mind because his view suddenly improved when she bent over to remove her panties. Now she wore only her stockings. She turned to face him in all her near-naked glory. "The reason I hate stockings," she said, "is that they really are a bitch to get off. You always have to find somewhere to rest your leg."
She lifted her leg and put her foot on the side of the bath. Her pussy was right in Adam's eyeline. The lips were red and puffy, they glistened with moisture and were slightly parted. The scent of her arousal washed over him like a wave crashing up Westmouth beach. He glanced up at find her looking at him and grinning. "Enjoying the view?"

"Not half."

She rolled her stocking down her leg and threw it on the floor. Adam reached out and stroked her cunt with his wet hand. She shivered, sighed and then batted his hand away. "Not yet. Look but don't touch. For now."
She repeated the show with the other leg, but Adam's view wasn't as good. Finally, she climbed into the bath with him.
"What are you waiting for? Pass the champers?"

Adam took the bottle from the ice bucket, filled two flutes and handed one to Chloe.


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