Monday, 26 February 2007

It's Monday

I now have dates for when "Lost and Found" is scheduled to appear at Ruthie's. The first two parts should (baring complications) appear on April 16 and the final two parts should appear the following week. The story is scheduled to be illustrated by Brett Empty. Hopefully that's the last time I'll mention this story in this blog until it is published.
I had some trouble this weekend while writing "little miss movie star". Nothing to do with Google Docs, which seems to be working okay. No, I came to a sex scene in a hotel and realised that it would wind up being remarkably similar to a scene later in the story which is, arguably, more important. I need to sit and have a think about it, which I couldn't do this weekend as i spent most of it chasing my son around - now he's found his feet there's no stopping him, he's wandering around, running off and laughing the whole time. Little monster (only I'm allowed to call him that, btw). I think I'll end up taking what I have and moving it to the later scene. It should just slot right in. Then I'll get back to the plot instead of worrying about 'do I need a sex scene here to keep things hot?'.
Anyway, to keep your appetite whet, here's a short extract from the story:

Kim took a tabloid newspaper out of her bag and handed it to him. He unfolded it and caught his breath in his throat when he saw the front page. Covering the whole of the page, along with the headline “Trick or Treat?”, was a photo of him and Chloe. She was on her knees in front of and despite the blocking out of the detail, it was obvious she was sucking his cock.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck fuck!”

“What?” Kim grinned. “Is it someone else? I mean, it’s hard to tell with the costumes and all.”

“Yes, it’s me. Fuck! Someone must have followed us. Fuck! How could this happen? Who would do something like this?”

“You’re kidding, right? The papers will pay a fortune for this sort of thing.”

“How would you know?” Adam scowled accusingly. “It wasn’t you, was it? I know you don’t like Chloe.”

“Get over it, Adam. I have. That’s in the past. I quite like Chloe these days. I don’t completely trust her, but that’s a different matter. Where is she anyway? Holed up somewhere safe—leaving you to face the music alone.”

“She got a call from her agent last... This is what the call was about. She knew this was coming and didn’t tell me.”

“See what I mean. You can’t trust her.”

“She must have had a reason. I need to go and see her. Will you take notes for me in the next lecture?”

“Sure. You know I will.”


Adam raced back to his flat. Shanna and Eddy were waiting for him in the kitchen. “Hey, Ads, have you seen? You’re front page news, man.”

“Yeah, I know Eddy. Have you seen my phone?” Adam never took his mobile to lectures since the university required they be switched off.

“It’s in your room knob-head. Where you always leave it.”

He retrieved his phone, switched it on and checked his messages. “Nothing. Why hasn’t she texted me? She said she’d text me.”

“Who?” said Eddy.

“Chloe, stupid,” said Shanna.

“I’m going over to her house.”

“No, Adam. She said last night to wait until you heard from her. Her agent must have told her it was going to be in the papers today and they’re probably trying to sue them or something.”

“But why hasn’t she called me. Something must be wrong. I’m going over.” Adam left the kitchen and picked up his coat on the way out of the flat. People called out to him and wolf-whistled as he walked through the campus. He turned his collar up and pretended not to hear them.

When he got to the end of Baker Street, he saw a crowd of people about half-way along—just about where Chloe’s house was. “Shit! Reporters. How do I get past them.”

He carried on along the main road, past Baker Street and into the next side road. He took out his phone and dialled Chole.


“Chloe, there’s a bunch of reporters outside your house. How do I get in?”

“I take it you’ve seen the paper then?”

“Seen it? I had it shoved under my nose at the end of the lecture this morning. I need to see you Chloe. I need to know what’s going on. Do you have a back gate? Or are there reporters there too?”

“I’m not at the house, Adam.”

“Not at the house? So where...?”

“Do you remember my saying I had a back-up plan if they ever camped outside my door?”


“The plan’s in action. Look, can you go to the bar we like in town? The one we always go to before the club.”

“You mean The—“

“Don’t say it. We’re talking mobile to mobile and it might be intercepted. The last thing you want is reporters following you. Go to the bar—our usual table. Someone will meet you there.”

“Someone? Not you?”

“Ten minutes. Be there.”

And just for completeness, here's the actual newspaper article, which Adam finally gets around to reading a little later.

Trick or Treat? : Movie starlet Chloe Goodman, 18, has taken to life as a student like a duck to water. As our exclusive photographs show, the little minx has shed her virginal image for something a touch more raunchy. In our cover photo she is seen performing a sex act on an unknown man. In others (see page 5) she can be seen swilling beer, wine and spirits. (continued on page 5)

Adam opened the paper and continued to read.

Movie star Chloe Goodman claims to have taken time off from the industry to enhance her education, but rumours have been rife that she has been more interested in the student party lifestyle than in lectures, seminars and essays. Her agent and publicist have constantly denied the reports on her behalf but we’ve had no word from Goodman herself. Now we have the proof of the starlets exploits. In one of our exclusive photos, taken by an anonymous fellow student on her camera phone, Goodman can can be seen, dressed as a bride of Dracula, on her knees in front of an unknown, but very lucky, vampire. The photo was taken at, or rather outside, the university’s Halloween Ball. In another of our exclusive shots, Goodman is swigging from a pint glass and in yet another she is passionately kissing the anonymous vampire. At this point it is not known if the recipient of Goodman’s attentions has gotten lucky on this one occasion or if it’s something more serious, but our showbiz reporter Glenn Field says he has been hearing rumours that he may be more than just a flash in Goodman’s pan.

DO YOU know who the unknown vampire is? Or are you the lucky guy? We’ll pay good money for information—see our website for details of how to get in touch.


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