Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Another movie Star Extract

I'm not normally one for posting the 'good bits' as extracts in a blog, but I'm fairly happy with this and thought you might like to read it. This picks up a few hours after the extract I posted last week. There's stuff happens inbetween to get them here, but hey, if I post the whole damn thing I may as well send it straight to SOL rather than trying my luck at Ruthie's first.

The story as a whole is coming along nicely. It's nearly 16000 words now, and there's still tons of story to tell, but I'll trim the fat in the second and third drafts. Right now, the thing that concerns me most is where to put those pesky chapter breaks. I don't really want to think about it, but I'll have to at some point.

Oh, and the title. "Little Miss Movie Star". As Bart Simpon once said "I didn't think it was physicaly possible but it both sucks and blows." I need a new title.


Alan reached for Chloe's hand and spun her around to face him. She stood close and rested her hands and head on his chest. Alan put his arms around her and held her tight.

She looked up into his eyes. “I already know the answer, but I need to hear you say it.”

“Say what?”

“This isn’t just a kiss and tell one night stand, is it? You aren’t going to fuck me and then run off to the papers for a holdall full of used notes?”

Alan shook his head. “How can you even think that?”

Chloe sighed. “I’m paranoid. It’s good to be paranoid in my line of work. Just say it. Say it and then kiss me and then make love to me.”

Alan pushed her away from him and held their hands between them. He looked her in the eye and held her stare. “Chloe. Sweet Chloe. I’m not going to run to the papers and tell them what we did. Or what we’re about to do. I will never let you down. I will never betray you. It’s between me and you. And it will stay that way.”

He lent forwards to kiss her. She guided his hands to her breasts and then put her arms around his neck. He massaged her breasts for a few moments and then undid her blouse and put his hands inside. She was wearing a white lace bra which felt good in his hands. He could feel her hard nipples through it and he rubbed them. She gasped. “Ohhhh. Nice.”

She pulled her blouse out of her jeans and shrugged it off her shoulders. Then she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and threw it to the floor. Her nipples topped her breast stiffly like solders standing guard on top of a hillock. Alan brushed ran a hand across her goose-bumped skin and brushed her nipple. “You cold?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re shivering.”

She smiled and giggled. “I’m nervous. Crazy, I know, but I’m more nervous than when I did my first topless scene over the summer. And there were a damn sight more people watching then. Still...”


“None of them were as important as you.” She kissed him again and he caressed her fleshy globes while she fumbled to undo his shirt buttons. She slipped his shirt of his shoulders and ran her hands down his smooth bare chest. He walked her backwards until her legs hit the bed and they fell back. He landed on top of her, forcing the air from her body and she fought to catch her breath around his tongue.

He held himself up on arm, so as not to crush her slender frame, and slid the other hand down her torso. He fumbled to unbutton her jeans and slipped his hand under her panties into the soft downy hair above her pleasure cove. She sighed as the tip of his middle finger slipped inside. He stopped kissing her and sucked one of her steely nipples between his lips instead. He rolled the bright red bud between his teeth and she winced. She held his head in her hands. “Not so hard. Not so hard.”

He stopped biting and resumed sucking. He flicked the nubbin with his tongue and finger her pussy as best her could. He wanted to bring her as close heaven as he could, so that when he finally climbed aboard her pleasure cruise, they’d reach their destination together. He was so worked up, he knew he wouldn’t take long once he’d started. He could feel her hips move against his hand. He could sense she was getting close.

He withdrew his hand, despite her pleas to the contrary, and sat up to unbutton his jeans. She clearly got the message and lifted her hips of the so that she could pushed her own jeans and panties down her legs. He stood up to step out of his clothes and pulled her legs free of their shackles as well. She lay naked before as he stood naked before her. She looked scared and excited at the same time. Her eyes were a blend of lust, fear and apprehension. The lust one out.

She pointed to the cabinet at the side of the bed. “At the back of the top drawer,” she said. “Better safe than sorry.”

Tucked away behind some bedtime literature was a packet of condoms. Alan took one from the box, ripped it open and rolled it down his cock. He looked back at Chloe, who lay waiting, legs slightly parted. “Ready?”

She nodded.


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