Friday, 23 February 2007

Testing Google Docs

I'm currently trying out the Google Docs service. I want to see if it's more convenient that carrying a USB key about with me. It will ultimately come down to if the editor proves to be as easy to use as OpenOffice, which is my current package of choice. This entry is being written in Google Docs and it should allow me to publish straight to my blogger account and provide the HTML for myspace and the others.
Already, after just a few lines, it's clear that you don't get the nice touched like auto-correct, predictive text and red squiggles for mis-spellings, but they are not essential, are they? It does have a spell check, but I've yet to try it. I will when I've finished writing.
The other thing about Google Docs which appeals is the ability to do online collaborations. You can give people permission to view or even edit your documents. Each time a doc is saved, it's saved as a revision, and you're supposed to be able to roll back to any version you like. It could prove to be better than e-mailing copies of a doc to people - or it might not. It's like most software, loads of promise but you never know until you use it. You can also save the doc to your hard drive as as HTML, Word, OO or PDF.
I've already given Cassie access to "Little Miss Movie Star", but would anyone else care to join me in my little test session? If you have a google account (I'm not sure if you need to have one or not but better to be sure) and you fancy casting your eye over what I've done with a view to offering an opinion, then please e-mail me at and I'll add you.
Well, I've just used the spell check for the first time. It's quite nifty, but there's no option to 'ignore' only 'add to dic', which you don't always want.
I should insert a pic and a link really shouldn't I, just to test it. I've linked to the e-mail address above. so here's a link to my website. And here's a random pic to test that too.


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