Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Coming Soon...

Charlotte’s Secret is due to be released by Phaze “mid to late April”. Which means I better start doing some promotion work for it I suppose. To that end, I’ve set up a yahoo groups mailing list – hell, everyone else seems to have one. You can sign up using the button below. I’m sure how I’m going to be using it yet. Certainly I’ll copy my blog entries to it, but I’ll probably throw other stuff at it too.

I’ve made some minor updates to my website too, although looking at it today I can see I’ve missed one thing, which is annoying – I’ll have to put it right tonight.

For the readers of this Blog on MySpace, advance warning – the powers that be at work are talking seriously about a new service offered by our ISP that filters out MySpace and other social network sites from our network. This would mean I could no longer blog from work. So I’ve ‘rebooted’ my blogger blog with a view to moving to there full time if this filtering ever does go ahead. I’ll be sorry to leave MySpace (if I have to) but it can’t be helped.


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