Saturday, 26 January 2008

Time Flies

nother weekend is upon us and I can't quite believe it's the end of January already – this month seems to have gone really quickly. Of course, when you've got so much on, it's not really any wonder, but still…

Today Mrs Nobbs, Knobbie Jr and I have been to see three houses that we might be interested in buying. In my opinion, all three were very overpriced. The first one was… Do I have to be nice about other people's houses? It stank. I'm mean, as soon as the door opened I could smell it. It was that odd 'old person' smell. That was enough to put me off. That and the fact that it needed a new kitchen and total redecoration. I reckon it was around £50,000 over priced.

The second house had a better smell, but wasn't any better value. An odd mish-mash of a house, it did have a very good garden with a fifty year old apple tree cropping really well each summer. But it wasn't for us. Not unless we could get it for thirty for forty thousand less than the asking price.

The third house was very nice, and owned by a very pleasant couple. But at nearly £230,000 it was just too small for the money.

Which brings us back to the first house we viewed in this quest for a new home. Large house, needs work, but a bargain price because of it. We'd make an offer on it now, but because it's owned by a house builder (who took it in part-exchange for a new build house) they won't listen to us until we have a buyer for our house. So if anyone's interested in buying a nice two up two down…

I've spent my spare moments this week not writing new stuff but reviewing stuff I've already written. I've been doing a final read through and minor edit of "Lost & Found", which is due to be released by Phaze on June 16th. I'm very proud of this story. Originally published by Ruthie's Club last year, I've added something in the order of six thousand words to it. Six thousand words that really lift the story to another level. So even if you read it at Ruthie's, it'd be worth getting the new version from Phaze just to read the new bits. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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