Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 08:50 Damn it's cold this morning. It was -5C when I got in the car at 8am. Damn, It's not been that cold in Blighty since before I was a lad.
  • 09:05 If you ask a client for £250 and they send you £300, why is it so hard to understand that you'll have £50 left over that you don't need?
  • 09:18 Just realised that my MySpace profile pic still has me in a Santa hat on it. is.gd/eFwU
  • 09:19 @queenoftheclick I'm already up. and at work. But that's time differences for you.
  • 09:42 On the Blog : Yesterday's Tweets tinyurl.com/8nrzzz
  • 10:31 @jacquierogers Ah, but we're not used to temps that low - the gulf stream usually keeps us warm.
  • 10:41 On the Blog : Yesterday's Tweets tinyurl.com/9ahkrt
  • 11:00 @PortiaDaCosta Eat Now.
  • 11:42 On the Blog : New Year, Same Old Shit tinyurl.com/9dclst
  • 13:47 Okay, so I try e-mailing my best bud and the e-mail bounces back. She's on Yahoo, so I send an e-mail to my yahoo addy -bounces back.
  • 13:48 I think Yahoo might be broken. Is this like when people trash a house before it's repo'ed? Are they trashing Yahoo before selling to MS?
  • 14:25 And as usual, the volume of tweets goes through the roof mid-afternoon. Me thinks that the working in on the East Coast has just started.
  • 16:18 45 mins till quitting time. Still have a ton of shit to do - so much i don't know where to start. Maybe i'll just leave it until tomorrow?
  • 16:42 My 19yo assistant has never heard of Twitter - and neither have any of her "cool" friends. So does that mean twitter isn't cool?
  • 16:43 Or does it mean that her "cool" friends aren't quite as "cool" as they think they are?
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