Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Old Friends, new story

Am I the only one who doesn’t like texting on a mobile phone? I’ve just sent a message to a friend and it took nearly 10 mins to key in a few words. I much prefer e-mail. I do like a proper keyboard.


I saw something on the local news last night and it got me thinking. It was about a couple of friends who’d met up after a long time apart. Real sappy stuff – you know what I mean. Anyway, I figured it was time I actually paid for the sub to Friends Reunited and get in touch with some of the many, many names I recognise on there.

Now, how’s about this for a co-incidence, I get an e-mail from FR a few hours later (after I’d forgotten about buying the sub) telling me someone had sent me a message. Well blow me down with a tickling stick. And no, she hadn’t seen the same news item as she live in a different part of the country and gets different local news. It was just one of those funny things.

Anyway, I bought the sub, mailed her back and we had a bit of a e-natter. Quite cool really. I mailed a few other old friends too, but none of them have got back to me yet. I hope they will though.

On the writing front, I’ve started a new story. Well, actually, I’ve had an idea to combine a couple of older stories that I started but never got very far with. The idea isn’t bad. At least, I don’t think it is. Here’s the outline as I see it right now.

Bryan’s life is in the shitter since his wife ran off with his Australian builder. His two children, one boy and one girl, keep trying to get him to start dating again, but he considers himself too old and grumpy. His daughter is also set on finding her brother a girlfriend and sets him up on a blind date. The son cries off with a lame excuse (he later reveals he’s gay) and send dad in his place to ‘let the girl down gently – I can’t just stand her up. That’s cruel’. When dad get’s there the girl who’s supposed to show has sent her friend in her place. Strangely, Bryan and the stand in hit it off. (and have it off. Lots of times) At the same time, a new woman starts a job at Bryan’s work. She takes a shine to Bryan and they go on a date or two. Then they try and spend the night at her place only to find that her daughter is…….

Sound good? Just need a good ending. Any suggestions?


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