Monday, 11 February 2008

Monday Moan

I’ve had a funny old weekend. My little boy has been under the weather for a few days and it seems as if the only time he’ll sleep at the moment is when he’s resting his head on my chest. And even if he does fall asleep like that, he wakes up screaming if I try and put him in his bed. Hopefully, this won’t last long – or I might go nuts!

I’ve been updating the covers for all my downloadable books at Lulu. I’ll also be adding a few new downloads before I’m through. This is all to coincide with “Charlotte’s Secret” being released by Phaze. Speaking of which, I’ve reviewed the proof – all I have to do now is type up a list of the things I’ve spotted to go back to the publisher.

Just a short entry today – I’m on computer duty again at work. Man, I hate computers!


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