Friday, 15 February 2008

What I did or didn't do on Valentine's Day and other news

It was, as you probably know, Valentine’s Day yesterday. I know that in recent years it’s become more of a marketing gimmick for florists, card companies and supermarkets, but hey ho, trust me on this, it’s not worth a married man’s life to ignore it. I didn’t buy Mrs Nobbs a card on principle—that principle being they are a waste of money. I did by her a lovely purple orchid though. It was a very reasonable price too from the local independent florist. It even came with a pot. I just hope Mrs Nobbs doesn’t kill it. Here’s a couple of photos of said orchid. And yes, that is a photo from our wedding next to it.

Valentine’s evening was a bit of a washout. Mr Nobbs is a teacher, and the school, with the collective wisdom of any good committee, scheduled a Parent’s evening for last night. So instead of spending time with me, she spent two and a half hours talking with parents of her year 7 pupils. She got in quite late, but I had a nice meal waiting on the table for her. Nothing too fancy, just a chicken & bacon pasta in four cheese sauce. I did do a nice starter though. I baked some asparagus in the same cheese sauce. That was very nice.

On a different front, I heard yesterday that Ruthie’s have accepted my short “Extended Family” for publication. Don’t know when it’ll appear yet, but when I do know, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve also uploaded new covers for my older short stories to my myspace photo album. Take a look here. If you haven’t read any of these stories, you can download them here.

I’ve got the second part of those author questions from my last entry to post. I haven’t forgotten – I’m just saving them for later.

Must go now, being hassled to do some damn work.


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