Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets tinyurl.com/cefe6d
  • 09:25 Running late today. Had to drop wife at work and kid at nursery as Mrs Nobbs' car has gone in for a service.
  • 09:32 Don't you just hate it when a scene for your latest story pops into your head fully formed, but it's not the NEXT scene. Or the next one....
  • 11:40 Been a busy, busy morning again today.
  • 11:42 On the Blog : Is Marriage Sacred? tinyurl.com/dczbkx
  • 13:36 I'm supposed to be in a meeting right now, but the meetee (is that a word) is on the bloody phone!
  • 15:32 Printing out hundreds of reports. I've always said there were too many trees in the world anyway.
  • 15:34 And I'm still waiting to see how much the car service is going to cost me. Not looking forward to it.
  • 16:17 another bloody meeting.
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