Saturday, 13 December 2008

Yesterday's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 08:41 On the Blog : Yesterday's Tweets
  • 09:25 There was a light dusting of snow on the car this morning. Thermo in the car read -2C. I was hopeful, but it's just drizzling now.
  • 09:26 Top off the very grey day with back pain. I 'twinged' it when I put my bag down this morning. Am in agony. Looks like an ibuprofen job.
  • 11:46 It's been another long morning again.
  • 12:38 Lunch time! God, I'm starved.
  • 12:49 YouTube - trick-soccer-throw-in-destroys kid via @ShareThis you've probably seen this, but it is funny
  • 13:10 managers job via @ShareThis This is hilarious. Wish I had the balls to do this sort of thing.
  • 13:27 I suppose I better get on with some work now, hand't I?
  • 13:58 Told a co-worker I'd hold her down and stick it in if she didn't take one. I was talking doughnuts. I really should think before I speak.
  • 14:32 iPod on. Kelly clarkson - Because of You. Flippin' great song that.
  • 15:13 Now playing in my ear - Fergie - Big girls don't cry. Another great flippin song.
  • 15:15 @ladlem Okay, what did I say that made you giggle. Was it the doughnuts?
  • 15:16 @Alessia_Brio Mine has trouble with tune carrying too. But he is only 3 so I'll et him off. (that and I'm pretty bad too)
  • 15:17 @MeghnaK Texting takes too long to type in with out a proper keyboard and too long to read with all the damn txtspk
  • 15:18 Now in my ear - Natalie Unspellable&unpronounceable - Big mistake.
  • 15:42 Now playing in my ear - Bittersweet Symphoney. Love this song.
  • 15:49 @morrismoresca Morning? It's nearly hometime for me. It's dark outside and everything. I'll still go read the blurbs thou - thanks.
  • 16:03 Some Excerpts from my June release "Kissed by a Rose" via @ShareThis
  • 16:04 Kissed by a Rose - Sneak Peek via @ShareThis
  • 16:21 @Jaye_Valentine Still prefer the original - Such a powerful song and she sings it so well.
  • 16:55 @MeghnaK Can't you tell I'm too old to be a student now?
  • 17:02 HOMETIME! Bring on the weekend - Come On! TTFN Twitter Peeps
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