Tuesday, 3 February 2009

MySpace Rant

< rant >

Tom! Tom! Are you listening? I want to know why, for the past couple of weeks, MySpace blogs are fucking around with the formatting of blog posts when I paste them from elsewhere.
I just posted my "Daily Tweets" copied from the e-mail in which they are sent to me for just this purpose. A very simple bullet point format, which MySpace has coped with for months. Months!
So why, now, has it decided to insert random spaces, centre the whole bloody text, and generally fuck around with the format?
This has been going on for nearly to weeks and I am now seriously pissed off with it! I write my regular blogs in a blog editor program, and while MySpace has always been happy to accept pasted text or pasted HTML, now it's fucking around with it and inserting random carriage returns. It's fucking annoying!
Sort it out, Tom!

and while i'm on the subject....

What, exactly, has Myspace got against ".." and other services that shorten urls?
see, it won't even let me type the name of the service I want to talk about. Look, .. - it replaces it with two dots.
This, to my mind, is censorship and should be stopped.
Grrrrrrr - I'm in a ranting mood today.
Nipples. That's the other thing. What's wrong with nipples? Why is it okay to show pictures of naked young ladies as long as the nipples are covered by Paintshop or little stars or something? I ask again - what's wrong with nipples?

< / rant >


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