Thursday, 19 February 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:08 I WILL have a productive day today. I WILL have a productive day today.
  • 10:16 @Cynical_Woman Thanks. Glad for the support. lol
  • 10:29 @Cynical_Woman well, I hope you're as productive as me today. I've already solved one of the day's problems. Only took me an hour
  • 11:01 why does my job have to be so damn complicated? Or rather, why do other people have to make it so damn complicated?
  • 11:02 @Cynical_Woman Or deliver cupcakes to my office and let me eat them instead. That's a better goal. lol. Tell her to enjoy them, I'm jealous
  • 11:13 I swear, after a good start, I'm about ready to commit murder right now.
  • 11:33 @ladlem Everyone seems to be getting at me and making my job more difficult than it need be. I need some chocolate. Or a McD's
  • 11:33 @Cynical_Woman Six! Tell her Happy B-day from me. not that she knows me.
  • 11:40 @ladlem That's just piggish. And I'm not a pig. Well not much of a pig.
  • 12:03 @ladlem Good. You should. Oink.
  • 13:31 @katiebabs Very week seems like that to me at the moment.
  • 13:52 Reconcile bank statements, do some filing, read, or write? Mmhhh, I wonder...
  • 13:54 I have way too many 'labels' on my gmail account. Way too many
  • 14:58 @MeghnaK So if you tell them to turn the music UP, does that mean we'll get some peace?
  • 15:46 @MeghnaK Hey, someone has to suffer. lol
  • 15:47 Ever tried to find the IMEI number on a sony K850i? Damn it's bloody awkward.
  • 16:17 @ladlem The phone identity number. It's normally on a sticker in the battery compartment. but it's really, really hard to get to on the K850
  • 16:33 Cream Egg Twisted or Galaxy Caramel? Hmmm, that's the kind of choice I like
  • 17:04 Right, off home now. Byes.
  • 17:10 It's so nice to leave the office in daylight
  • 22:23 Why is the News so damn depressing all the time? Whatever happened to Good News?
  • 22:34 Looking forward to #questiontime
  • 22:39 Oh no, Piers Morgan is on #questiontime. This should be good.
  • 22:40 @jmsnyder23 Hey, I do that to. Don't tell the boss and keep a spreadsheet open to click on when he/she walks in.
  • 22:52 I like they they have non-politicians on #questiontime these days.They are normally the one's that talk most sense.
  • 22:53 @kikarose As long as you change the names to protect the guilty, you'll be fine.
  • 22:58 @mmvii Morgan is just saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear. They always have someone like him on #questiontime.
  • 22:59 #questiontime. Like Dimbleby's comment about the media paying for the 13yo dad story.
  • 23:05 #questiontime Piers Morgan plugs his TV show on the other channel. What a surprise.
  • 23:07 #questiontime the government spokesman's answer to this question should be interesting. Bet his says Jackie Smith has done nothing wrong
  • 23:11 @TowcesterNews It's pretty much essential viewing. Should really be on earlier in the evening. #questiontime
  • 23:12 #questiontime Well said that LibDem woman. (sorry, didn't catch her name)
  • 23:22 Have written over 2500 words of WIP no1 over the past couple of days. More than in the past couple of weeks. I'm back in the groove baby.
  • 23:26 #questiontime Took nearly an hour to mention Bankers Bonuses. Not bad really.
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