Friday, 27 February 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 08:52 @markinreading I missed QT last night - was too tired and had an early night. Might watch it on the iPlayer at lunchtime. I know I'm sad
  • 10:54 @Kinchie It's just looking out for you and your wallet
  • 11:12 Did you know you can get my books on the kindle? Not in the UK, as we don't have kindle yet. But in the US you can.
  • 11:40 I'm sitting at my desk fuming because I need to talk to someone who's not at her desk (and so not answering her phone)
  • 11:41 i could go and look for her, but I'm just too damn lazy to get out of my seat.
  • 14:37 Cadbury's fingers or jammie Dodgers? Hmm, tough choice.
  • 15:57 I've not been much a tweeter the past couple of days. Guess I must have been busy without realising it.
  • 15:58 @TowcesterNews Quite - but i bet it'll be a hell of an atmosphere in Paris tonight.
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