Friday, 12 December 2008

Yesterday's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 08:42 On the Blog : Yesterday's Tweets
  • 09:31 great start to the day - Lights are out in one room. Nothing I've tried can bring them back on. Bugger.
  • 10:10 Just editing my MySpage page to profile 2.0!
  • 10:34 MySpace profile 2.0 - Shit. Will not allow me to drag and drop modules where I want them to go. In Firefox OR IE. Shit, shit, shit.
  • 10:52 My new MySpace profile has the largest twitter badge in history on it. And I can't change it. All set correctly. Just won't size correctly.
  • 10:53 MySpace profile 2.0 - You can't centre selected bits - eg, pictures but not text. It's all centred or nothing at all. shit, shit, shit.
  • 13:40 My redesigned MySpace page - still needs tweaking, thou. via @ShareThis
  • 14:21 @jmsnyder23 ouch. Hate those things
  • 15:41 One of my co-workers is walking around without shoes cause he trod in dog shit when out on his lunchtime walk. Ha Ha!
  • 15:42 On the Blog : Tough few days
  • 15:42 On the Blog : Kissed by a Rose - Sneak Peek
  • 16:00 Kissed by a Rose - Sneak Peek via @ShareThis
  • 16:02 Another 'pre-edit' excerpt via @ShareThis
  • 16:03 Yet Another 'pre-edit' excerpt of Kissed by a Rose via @ShareThis
  • 16:04 One more 'pre-edit' excerpt of Kissed by a Rose. via @ShareThis
  • 16:05 And the last Kissed by a Rose Excerpt of my Blog via @ShareThis
  • 16:43 On the Blog : Some Earlier Excerpts
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