Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Yesterday's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 08:42 On the Blog : Yesterday's Tweets tinyurl.com/5r2xk9
  • 09:39 Second week in a row that the server has shut down over the weekend and I get an earbasing as a result! It was an MS update this time.
  • 09:40 So it's yet another great start to the week. Why can't people understand I can't fix things if I'm not here.
  • 09:40 DO they expect me to work all weeekend - just in case?
  • 09:41 As you can tell, I'm a tad pissed off right now. Maybe some caffine will calm me down a bit.
  • 10:42 Just processing some invoices then I'm going to have a cup of coffee and do some sneaky writing
  • 10:42 I'm currently working on two pieces. DId a ton of work on one of them last night. I've got an idea for a third too.
  • 10:42 Need to get the opening to the third out of my head before I lose it.
  • 10:58 just been offered a scone with jam and fresh cream. Lovely.
  • 11:42 On the Blog : The Meaning of Life tinyurl.com/6pbgbq
  • 13:19 I'm sneezing so hard right now (well, not RIGHT now, you know what I mean) I think my brain is going to come out through my nose.
  • 16:06 God, I've had enough of today. Now I understand what the Boomtown Rats meant about Mondays.
  • 16:21 I tell you, today couldn't have been much worse than it has been. Server problems again, mostly. Roll on tomorrow.
  • 16:21 I think I'm going to NEED to do some writing tonight just to clear my head.
  • 16:23 @morrismoresca sorry, only just seen this. I'm in the UK so I'm at least 5 hours ahead of you, maybe more.
  • 17:10 On Cbeebies they end the Bedtime hour with a song "the end of a lovely day" Today has not been a lovely day.
  • 17:11 So I'm off home. I might have a few beers tonight to compensate. Byees
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