Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Website updates

If you’ve been following my Tweets you’ll have noticed that last night I had a lot of trouble uploading the updates to my website to my host’s server. And then when they were updated, the bloody server wouldn’t serve the pages and i couldn’t access my site.

to say I was livid is somewhat of an understatement.

Thankfully, the site seems to be working today – albeit slowly. That said, I’m checking the site as we speak and it isn’t loading at all. It worked this morning while I was looking at another host’s package (ohh err, Misses) so maybe they knew I was checking out the competition and started working as a result.

I’ve had a few people today tell me they’ve visited the site and a few who told me they enjoyed some of the free stories on there – so it must be working to some extent.

I swear – the host knows I’m talking about them. Checked the site again just now and it’s fine. Freaky or what?

So, what changes prompted all this activity? Not much actually. I added links to some other authors sites – primarily fellow Phaze authors. If anyone would like their link added, by all means let me know. I also added an extract from Charlotte’s Secret and Lost & Found. I will probably add another extract from each at some point as well as doing a page for Kissed by a Rose and adding extracts for that.

All this pissing about with websites though does mean I’m not writing. Well, apart from blogging and Tweeting. An old friend of my comment the other day that I blog ‘a lot’. I wouldn’t say it was a lot. Two or three posts a day would be a lot. Even one every day might be called a lot. But i only post every few days. Yeah, sometimes I have a splurge and post ever day for a week or whatever, but not normally. Unless you count the Tweet lists, which i don’t. They get shipped automatically.

Some would consider blogging to be a waste of time when I could be writing. But I don’t. After all, writers need to write. And writing anything at all, even blogs, is good practice. Hopefully, i get all my bad habits out of the way in a blog and then when I write actually real stories, they are better for it. Hopefully.

Anyways, I’m going to shoot off and do a couple of Tank reviews.


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