Monday, 19 January 2009

Free! It’s Free I tell you.

Do you remember in my last post (my last proper post, not the automatically shipped ‘twitter’ listings) I mentioned that I would be very soon posting Reunion for free on my website?

Well, it’s there now. That’s right, completely free of charge, my gift to you, for free, a free novella.

It’s free by the way.

Actually, it’s not as big a deal as it sounds. Reunion has been available for free on the StoriesOnline website since 2004, when it was first written, work-shopped at The Fishtank, and posted. Still, I’ve cleaned it up slightly, given it a better spell checking that it originally received and formatted it as an Acrobat document.

So why not head on over there and download it?

Of course, the reasoning behind this generosity is that you’ll read this book, love it, then rush out and buy Charlotte’s Secret and Lost&Found and wait eagerly for Kissed by a Rose in June.

Did I mention it was free?


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