Monday, 12 January 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:41 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 08:02 My god, it's dark this morning.
  • 08:44 @Ayla_F i remember 9am lectures. I hated them. Think I missed more than I went to. Don't have the option these days. Have to work. No Choice
  • 08:45 Retweeting @commonsense4: RT @MikeGeffner: Please spread the good karma by re-tweeting: Writers Helping Writers
  • 08:46 Talk about streotype - saw a chap this morning in a flat cap, wax coat, smoking a pipe and driving a Land Rover Defender. A Farmer me thinks
  • 08:47 Good morning btw. It's a bit brighter now than half an hour ago. Still quite dark though.
  • 08:47 @Jimconnolly Good Morningback at ya.
  • 08:57 Just looked at my 'dashboard' and I've got tons of blog posts to catch up on.
  • 09:56 I can already tell - It's going to be one of those days.
  • 10:34 I was right - it IS one of those days.
  • 10:59 I'm getting cold now. Finding it hard to type. Best put the heater back on.
  • 12:42 On the Blog : Why 'Anonymous' feedback is the worst possible kind
  • 13:08 Just made an enquiry about a new house. It's a part-ex oppurtunity, so finers crossed.
  • 14:15 I'm being moaned at again - and not in a good "oh yes more" kind of way. I think I just get paid to be moaned at.
  • 16:58 what a damn afternoon that was. bloody people. Grrr.
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