Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 10:22 Having a shitty morning so far today. Not a happy bunny. I'm being moaned at again!
  • 11:54 I tell you. I'm having a hell of a morning. AGAIN. Plus, I left my lunch at home today. Guess I'll have to go to McD's then. Oh well.
  • 11:55 @Alessia_Brio I voted. Can you make my cookie White Choc Chip and Raspberry please?
  • 13:07 @Alessia_Brio White Chocolate is yummy - 'specially in cookies with raspberry pieces. Ask Mille - she makes lovely cookies.
  • 13:08 I really should do some work. Ive got a very complex estate open on my desk and I'm dutifully trying to ignore it.
  • 14:07 it's only 2pm. It feels a lot later. i want to go home.
  • 14:08 I suspect that in a couple of hours, Twitter is going to go mental.
  • 14:09 The second unmarked police car of the day has just gone screaming past my window. I wonder what's up.
  • 14:14 @ArticlesBase The wailing siren and flashing blue light gave it away. You know, like they had on 70's cop shows.
  • 14:17 @shultquist Love that thought for the day.
  • 14:31 Is something important going on in the US today? Everyone seems very excited.
  • 14:33 @ArticlesBase It would be cool, wouldn't. But no, it just whizzed past at high speed.
  • 14:34 Inauguration: Lego Obama Presidential Inauguration Brings Hope to Bricks Too tinyurl.com/9fx5k7 via @ShareThis
  • 14:43 @ArticlesBase lol
  • 14:45 Now a bloody car alarm has gone off right outside my window. How annoying is that?
  • 14:50 @JillShalvis Will do pretty much anything for cookies. Well, almost anything.
  • 15:58 BBC NEWS | Business | Bank woes push pound below $1.40 tinyurl.com/8q4dgl via @ShareThis - Shit!
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