Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tweets for Today

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 01:17 On the Blog : Tweets for Today #
  • 09:04 God, it's cold again this morning. Frost on the car. I can see my breath on the air. Glad I'm in a nice sort-of-warm office. #
  • 11:13 I have spent all morning working through how the VAT change affects out business. This is a Joke! #
  • 11:14 Now I've got to spend even more time altering our invoice and completion statement templetes. #
  • 11:52 I'm fed up of bloody VAT! #
  • 12:06 - #
  • 13:33 Need to finish off payroll for this month, then I've got a hundred other things to do. #
  • 13:33 Think I'll have a Mars bar first. #
  • 14:17 On the Blog : Have they gone Mad? #
  • 14:38 payroll complete. Unless the boss suddenly decides to cut everyone's wages this month. #
  • 15:10 @RubiJayne I'm a hero? Cool. #
  • 15:30 I've very much had enough of today. It's been a bloody nightmare from the moment I got in. I'm looking forward to going home. #
  • 15:46 Can anyone think of a boys name which sounds cool when shortened and in full? #
  • 17:03 many thanks to @RubiJayne @jmoriarty @cranberrytarts @reginasuniverse - it's given me food for thought. #
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