Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 00:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 10:19 I'm having a really busy morning so far today. Hope it slows down soon.
  • 10:21 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: ##author ##blogs ##erotica
  • 10:23 Well, how about that. I'm number 9 on the list of #erotica tweeters on How cool is that?
  • 10:25 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #author #romance #erotica
  • 10:26 I'm number 9 on the #romance list too.
  • 11:10 Right - that's payroll done and dusted. Now for the joy of stuffing payslips in little brown envelopes.
  • 11:39 @marcnobbs got a grade of 98.1/100 on @grader. Check it out: - getting better all the time!
  • 13:00 Lunch is over. Very much enjoyed filling my tummy, turning the phone off and listening to some music. Now, back to work. Maybe
  • 13:03 RT @KFZuzulo: Honestly not sure what to say about this. --WOW, is about all I can manage. @marcnobbs Yeah - Wow,
  • 13:04 "The Apprentice" starts tonight. Another 12 weeks of bitching, backstabbing and people who think they are ace making tits of themselves. yes
  • 13:24 Another classic Britpop hit. I know, I know. It's 90s stuff. It's my era. I'm getting old, okay. ♫
  • 13:27 I've got that "Friday Feeling". And it's only wednesday. And not the good "Friday Feeling" either. The bad one.
  • 13:27 How long before I can bugger off home? What do you mean "Three and a half hours"? That just sucks.
  • 13:28 More Slade! Mama! And Weer Alllllllllllll Crazeeeeeeee NoW! ♫
  • 13:29 And Still More Slade! ♫
  • 16:01 @dopeydee Yep - that's a good one too. I do love Noddy. Great hair.
  • 16:01 Nearly home time. Just an hour left.
  • 16:05 Oasis do Slade. Does it get better than this.
  • 16:18 RT @paulfreeman: @marcnobbs The Shirehorses do Oasis do Slade lol. this is bloody hilarious.
  • 16:21 More YouTube madness. Terry Wogan this time.
  • 16:29 is it hometime yet?
  • 16:53 I'm actually doing some writing for once. I've bashed out over a thousand words since lunchtime.
  • 20:54 @avatarkoo No secret ritual - I just ignore the phone (unless it's the boss. Can't ignore him, he might sack me)
  • 20:58 getting ready for #apprentice - hope that's the hash code
  • 21:00 #apprentice Here we go. Just watching that weird #eastenders ad. Anyone know what that's all about?
  • 21:01 #apprentice One of this year's girls is an American I wonder how long Sir Alan will put up with her?
  • 21:03 @onedavidlewy I agree. Unless you're making money BY having sex.
  • 21:04 #apprenticeDo we get to find out about the one that walked off before the start?
  • 21:06 @Gillers #apprenticeLast year's winner was Lee McQueen
  • 21:08 #apprentice God they can talk crap when talking about themselves.
  • 21:09 #apprentice "I'm a global bullshitter with a degree in talking crap"
  • 21:10 #apprentice My wife says the guys already look friendlier that the girls
  • 21:10 #apprentice Thinking of team names. always fun Empire and Ignite. eh. Not bad.
  • 21:12 #apprentice team leader - "I'll do it if no one else wants to" = Please can someone else do it?
  • 21:16 #apprentice I wouldn't mind a spanking in the boardroom from one or two of those girls. I bet Nick wouldn't either.
  • 21:17 #apprentice "We can't stand here scratching out nuts all day." yeah right.
  • 21:23 #apprentice Have those guys actually cleaned those cars at all?
  • 21:26 #apprentice First rule of business is "The customer is always right" Isn't it? So why do they always argue with the client?
  • 21:31 #apprentice The Girls look to have nailed this.
  • 21:33 #apprentice The boardroom bitching has started already.
  • 21:35 #apprentice Boys win. Didn't see that coming. At least the teams will be even next week.
  • 21:36 #apprentice Ohh, the girls DO NOT look happy.
  • 21:38 #apprentice The blame game. Got to love it.
  • 21:39 #apprentice "I'm not going anywhere tomorrow so you better be nice to me" - kiss of death?
  • 21:42 #apprentice No one speaks to in response to the first question
  • 21:46 #apprentice She has to take Anita back in with her.
  • 21:54 #apprentice Deborah is so full of shit. How many Clich├ęs in that self defense?
  • 21:55 #apprentice "Yep - I'm talking now." Ohh, not good, just shut up right now.
  • 22:02 @adamkaveney #apprentice I think Sir Alan quite likes here. But Nick doesn't
  • 22:03 Love #apprentice "You're fired" too. Love the way they take the piss out of the loser.
  • 22:33 #apprentice Raif from last year is on Newsnight. I loved him.
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