Thursday, 19 March 2009

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Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 11:01 God damn! I'me having a shit arse morning again today. The whole week has been like this. I need some bloody chocolate!
  • 11:16 @TowcesterNews If they ever tax chocolate, I'm leaving the country.
  • 11:17 @kdbock Did you spit it out all over your shirt? Cause that would have been funny to see.
  • 11:20 @hedgemag Perhaps we should all leave the country and set up are own where benefits are paid in chocolate.
  • 11:29 @hedgemag Tell me about it. they'll be taxing alcohol next.
  • 12:28 Best song of the Britpop era? I think so. Oasis - Wonderwall. ♫
  • 13:49 You can't not feel 'something' when you listen to this. Not sure what, but 'something'. "You raise me up" Westl... ♫
  • 14:44 On the Blog : On the Subject of Marriage
  • 19:41 This was no1 in the UK on the day I was born. And they are from my home town too! ♫
  • 20:53 @markinreading Noddy's great. We all love 'im around our way.
  • 21:01 Here we go. Greatest Guitar riff in history. bar none. GnR baby, yeah! ♫
  • 21:11 Hmm, Andy Marr and Darwin on BBC2 or Kate Humble on One. Since KH probably won't be getting naked, I'll choose Darwin.
  • 21:15 @Cassixx You've changed you profile pic! What happened to the cross of St. Andrew?
  • 21:16 @PortiaDaCosta I would if I was you. But I'm not. And I've run out of my own beers. Bugger. Now I'm jealous.
  • 21:18 @PortiaDaCosta I could pop out to Tesco, but I jusy couldn't be arsed. I think I'll have a cup of good old Tetley instead.
  • 21:20 @PortiaDaCosta True. Very, Very true.
  • 21:51 I've got my WIP open on the screen (well, one of them) but I'm studiously avoiding actually typing anything. I procrastinate therefore I am
  • 21:52 Ohh, BBCTWO has broken#
  • 21:52 It's back again. That was a bit weird
  • 21:56 @markinreading Depends what's on at the time.
  • 21:59 @cw1985 But tweeting is soooo much fun. Writings fun too, but I have to think too much. I need a beer.
  • 22:21 @cw1985 well don't stop now. They'll get upset with you for keeping them hanging on.
  • 22:25 @markinreading @_npr Thanks guys. My very best Fearne fantasies now feature Fern and Dot too. It'll never be the same again. :-(
  • 22:28 @markinreading That's just sick. I suggest you stop drinking right now.
  • 22:48 I love this idea that banks should act in the public interest. Banks are just trying to stay afloat right now. And failing. badly #bbcqt
  • 22:49 @markinreading But she's been dead for a few thousand years!
  • 22:51 #bbcqt - every shot of Tessa so far has her looking like she really doesn't want to be there.
  • 22:52 #bbcqt. is it me or did Tessa just call Vince a liar? I'm sure she did.
  • 22:53 @KerryMP It's David Dimbleby. No, wait, you mean the one who looks like the guy that won the apprentice a couple of years ago.
  • 23:03 #bbcqt Upping the price up booze will only mean people who drink a lot spend more money. It'll will only stop them when they run out of cash
  • 23:04 #bbcqt very impressed with Fern Britton. Didn't think I would be, but I am.
  • 23:07 #bbcqt Teenagers have been drinking heavily for years and years and years. Hell, most of my student loans were spent on booze.
  • 23:08 #bbcqt the thing is, people grow up eventually.
  • 23:10 #bbcqt. "Should Universities be able to charge what they like?" NO!
  • 23:12 #bbcqt it isn't right that the people imposing tuition fees on students all benefited from free education themselves. Most got grants too.
  • 23:13 #bbcqt vince is right. If 50% of people have got a degree, surely degrees are then devalued.
  • 23:15 #bbcqt successive governments have been obsessed with the number of people with qualifications instead of the quality of qualifications
  • 23:16 #bbcqt I was the first in my family to go to Uni - but I had to work bloody hard to get there and bloody hard when I got there
  • 23:18 @KerryMP I did thanks. But I wouldn't have had the chance if I'd had to pay for it.
  • 23:19 @Harmohn thanks for agreeing with me
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