Thursday, 5 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 22:02 Is it just me - or does Britney look GREAT in the video for "Circus"? Damn!
  • 22:08 @jmsnyder23 I think this is the best she's looked for a long time. And it IS a great song.
  • 22:13 @jmsnyder23 "There's only two kinds of guys - ones that can handle me and ones that are scared" !! You got that right. I'd defo give it a go
  • 22:17 @jmsnyder23 I have trouble with that too. Go in for a loaf of bread and somehow end up spending £20. No idea how.
  • 22:19 less than half an hour to #questiontime. Should be good this week with the rate cut and Brown in Washington.
  • 22:38 #bbcqt In Dudley tonight - my old stomping ground. Shouldn't Clare Short be on if it's from the West Mids?
  • 22:39 #bbcqt how long do think it'll be before he mentions Twitter in his intoductions?
  • 22:40 @KerryMP I'm going with #bbcqt tonight. It's shorter
  • 22:42 #bbcqt 1st question about printing money - there's a surprise.
  • 22:44 #bbcqt Sorry Germaine - the banks are NOT charging 0.5%. I was quoted 4% for a mortgage today and told it was a good rate.
  • 22:44 @_npr #bbcqt you're right, this is a a hell of a risk.
  • 22:44 #bbcqt who's that bald guy? He's actually talking sense.
  • 22:46 @keithbelfast #bbcqt most of the government shouldn't be allowed to talk about economics either.
  • 22:48 @_npr I normally find the non-politicians talk the most sense on #bbcqt
  • 22:50 @Tweet4Labour #bbcqt That accent is almost making me feel homesick. Or is that sick of my home.
  • 22:51 @_npr #bbcqt The exception that proves the rule?
  • 22:52 @Tweet4Labour If there was a banker on the #bbcqt panel, it'd be a hell of a lot of fun. Get Fred Goodman on.
  • 22:54 @richardrooney #bbcqt - yeah, that was damn quick.
  • 22:58 #bbcqt Why can't we do what they do in France - Pay full price up front then claim back 75% from the state later?
  • 23:01 #bbcqt that point about missing appointments is a very, very good one. Maybe then I could actually GET an appointment.
  • 23:01 @jamescowley It's works in France for my wife & her family. Got to be worth a try.
  • 23:03 @KerryMP #bbcqt but like a lot of folks who go on the show, GG's saying what she thinks the audience wants to hear.
  • 23:04 #bbcqt Germaine Greer talking about Cricket? Is this real or made up?
  • 23:06 - this is so good. Not strictly to do with #bbcqt but thought you guys might like it.
  • 23:09 #bbcqt I do love it when David pressures them to actually answer the question they've been asked.
  • 23:10 @rnnbrwn You and me both. think we should use a big stick on him for good measure?
  • 23:12 #bbcqt That guy in the yellow shirt is really, really pissed off with Toby Young.
  • 23:15 #bbcqt Fern Britten on the panel? Why?
  • 23:16 #bbcqt Should England follow Scotland's example and ban cheap booze? God, I hope not.
  • 23:19 #bbcqt GG - I'll have all the extra money thanks. Send it my way.
  • 23:20 #bbcqt With a French wife, we go back to see her folks quite a lot. Wine and beer is still cheaper of there. And often better quality
  • 23:21 #bbcqt Oh, the tories are on tonight. I didn't realise until he mentioned the "broken society"
  • 23:23 #bbcqt you know, we wouldn't have as much of a problem with booze if parents taught the kids the respect the stuff.
  • 23:23 #bbcqt Of course, the parents would need to respect booze themselves first.
  • 23:25 #bbcqt that young lad who just spoke for PM!
  • 23:26 #bbcqt Gordon in the US? Will we get a Harriet Harman question too?
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