Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:43 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:05 I'm alone in the office this morning, so I've got my iPod on, earbuds in and will try to crack on.
  • 09:16 "Mt heart alone has no feeling, so while I'm still healing, just have a little... Patience" Great song TT at thier best.
  • 09:35 "Father & Son" - another great song.
  • 09:36 Weird seeing all this people just getting off to bed when I've only just got to my desk and am ready to start the day.
  • 09:41 "All or Nothing" by Westlife - love this song. "Cause I want it allllll, or nothing at allllll"
  • 10:31 How can anyone wait for nearly a whole month before banking a cheque for £35K ? I bank cheques for a pound on the same day I get them.
  • 11:12 It's a nice day out there today - so why do I have a feeling of impending doom?
  • 11:42 Y,H&G Diary update : Wednesday 4th March 2009 – Again.
  • 12:42 On the Blog : It's Underway
  • 13:26 @ladlem You've changed your picture.
  • 13:26 @mandymroth I started off really hating Westlife, but that's only cause my sister liked them Then i grew up and actually listened to them
  • 16:25 I'm going to try and do some writing for hte last half and hour of the day,
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