Thursday, 26 March 2009

Today's Tweets

Tweet, Tweet, Here's a list of all my twitter postings in the last 24 hours.
  • 23:42 On the Blog : Today's Tweets
  • 09:09 I have loads to do today but am having trouble getting going - must be in need of caffeine.
  • 09:28 During the show last night, 1.5% of all twitter traffic was #apprentice related. Madness
  • 09:48 @dopeydee Good luck at the hospital.
  • 09:49 @angelneptustar It was as entertaining as usual. Candidates completely clueless
  • 09:53 @angelneptustar 1.5% felt like a lot last night watching the show and twitter together. It was manic. I couldn't keep up.
  • 11:10 It's so damn cold today. What happened to Spring?
  • 11:30 500 words so far this morning in between all my other jobs. Not too bad I suppose.
  • 11:38 It's annoying when you try to reference character form one story in another and have to go look them up to make sure you've been accurate.
  • 11:38 All I want to do is to make my fictional world seem a bit more real.
  • 14:11 The trouble with Twitter is that you step away from it for a sec, all hell breaks loose and you lose track of any conversations
  • 14:56 @TrinaMLee Some people think they own the road and can be real idiots about it when told they don't. Hope you and the kid are okay.
  • 14:56 @SaliWho My kind of breakfast. Cool.
  • 15:02 @TrinaMLee With any luck they have a flat tyre tonight when they try to drive home.
  • 15:02 @SaliWho WE usually wait until around 10-ish in the office for our daily cake rations.
  • 15:11 Chapter 24 is done. On to chapter 25. Getting closer to another sex scene. ;-)
  • 22:20 @dopeydee Have you been drinking? And do you really think she calls him Phillip? I bet she calls him "Duke".
  • 22:22 @maddiejames There are worse places for your head to be than in the clouds.
  • 22:25 My God, the news is depressing. I can't take much more than a few minutes at a time
  • 22:26 @dopeydee "Duke" will call her "Lizzie". I'm certain of that. AS in "Lizzie, put the kettle on, there's a love." lol
  • 22:28 @angelneptustar But St. George's is ages away. I'll have to make do with a choc filled Easter in the mean time
  • 22:30 @angelneptustar The "Desparate look" is the only Gordon has. Apart from that very, very scary "non-smile"
  • 22:31 @dopeydee It would be nice if they just told us one or two nice things that were happening somewhere.
  • 22:32 @dopeydee And "Duke" will say "Charlie? Your mother says to put the kettle on!"
  • 22:33 @angelneptustar It's as if he's been taught to smile via a correspondence course he bought on the internet.
  • 22:34 @angelneptustar I think every time Gordon smiled the FTSE took another nose dive.
  • 22:36 @dopeydee They would make Harry do it, as he's the youngest, but Harry has a machine gun he brought home from work.
  • 22:37 #bbcqt - here we go
  • 22:38 #bbcqt - is it PC for me to worry about being able to understand anything the audience says? Probably not.
  • 22:39 @dopeydee Aww, poor corgis. They don't stand much chance with those short legs.
  • 22:40 @SmoggySuicide eh? Ay canny spek geordie like.
  • 22:43 @SmoggySuicide "Shittyfingers"?? I'm not even going to ask. lol
  • 22:44 @dopeydee If they're dancing, will they moonwalk like Marty McFly did in Back to the Future 3?
  • 22:45 #bbcqt - I can see why they called it a "heavyweight" panel tonight. I reckon they've had to reinforce the damn stage. Too many cakes boys.
  • 22:47 @dopeydee Are they standing on their back legs or doing it on all fours (That actually sounds quite dirty out of context)
  • 22:50 @dopeydee I think doing it on all fours could be a hit on YouTube. I wonder if we could train some corgis?
  • 22:52 Watched Quantum of Solace this evening. Cracking film - even second time around. I need a bigger TV though. and Olga Kurylenko is stunning
  • 22:54 @dopeydee What about a water pistol?
  • 23:18 I'm too tied for #bbcqt. I'm off to bed. Goodnight folks.
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