Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It’s Underway

My new fiction dairy-blog is underway. I made the first post yesterday and have made two more today. Yes, two more. You’ll have to read them to find out why. So far it’s mostly just a bit of scene setting and history. The actual plot (such as there will be) will start soon. I already know that in the next entry, Jamie, my diarist, will realise that the entries show up on the blog in reverse chronological order, and this gives me the excuse to start archiving he posts to StoriesOnline.

One thing I’ve been doing is to try and add Wikipedia links to any decidedly British cultural references that Jamie makes. I often see cultural references in works by American authors and have no clue what they mean. I’m hoping by providing some Wiki-guidance, I’ll avoid overseas readers from suffering the same problem.

I noticed today that this blog has been referenced in a blog on SOL for the second day running. The first reference was fine and I e-mailed the author to thank him for reading my blog (cause it was fairly obvious he had from the reference). This second reference though was a comment that “something called Daily Tweets are putting him to sleep”. Well, since I’m the only SOL author to copy his Daily Twitter Tweets to the blog, it must be me inducing his state of unwakefulness. To the author, I have a word of advice – if my Tweets bore you, don’t bother to read them. They are clearly marked, so it’s really quite easy to not click on them, you just don’t click on them. I wonder if he finds my other posts as banal?

Anyway, enough of this, I have work, editing and writing to do – but not in that order.

Jamie Holder’s diary is available at


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